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Happy 2015!

Woot!! It’s a new year! Time for new goals and resolutions (although, really, anytime is a great time for new goals and resolutions).

This year, my goals are simple.

1. Eat more vegetables. In March 2014, I hit my goal weight at Weight Watchers. Then we moved, and… I’ve Read more >

Jamie vs. Reality


Conversations in a romance writer’s home:

Me: “I’m really busy with the kids today. Not sure when I’ll get back to the manuscript. Which isn’t really a problem, I guess. I left my people making out. They won’t mind if it takes me a few hours or days to finish Read more >

Moving On To The P-Word

SuperHubby and I don’t watch much TV, but while I’ve been staying with my parents, I’ve had some fun enjoying America’s Got Talent.

This one’s my favorite.

(Stay to the end of the song. Really.)

Happy Wednesday, y’all! Fun stories about the kids are coming back next Read more >