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Wednesdays with Will

Winner winner!! Thanks, y’all, for weighing in on prizes for my monthly giveaways! The winner of Friday’s giveaway of an ebook of her choice is Marie McKenney! And for Monday’s Guess-How-Klutzy-Jamie-Is giveaway, y’all were mostly way off, so I did a random drawing, and the Read more >

Squeaker vs. The Ghost

A while back, we stayed in SuperHubby’s family’s cabin in the remote Missouri backwoods. It hadn’t been used in a while, so we knew we needed to run out for a few supplies. SuperHubby took Munchkin for the twenty-mile drive out to the nearest store, and Buttercup, Squeaker, and I stayed Read more >

Squeaker vs. Munchkin’s Bed

The night before we reached Kansas, our western-most destination on our recent travels, we were in the family country cabin. Buttercup was asleep in her pack-n-play in the upstairs bedroom, Munchkin was passed out cold on a hide-a-bed in the loft, and Squeaker, as usual, was fighting bedtime.

He somehow Read more >