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Jamie’s Top Ten Pet Peeves

Yes, Buttercup’s doll is using ground beef as a pillow.

So, I try to keep it light and fluffy around here.  But just so y’all know I’m a real person, with more dark side to me than just my save-the-world naked-ninja dreams, today I’m talking pet peeves. And here they are,

The Top Ten Things That Annoy Me

10. Toys in my kitchen.

9. Cumin. (Seriously. I hate cumin Read more >

A Year of Happy Mondays – The Buttercup Edition

Yes, it's a repeat picture. But she's so stinking cute!
Yes, it’s a repeat picture. But she’s so stinking cute!

Buttercup is in the middle of her second year of life, which means she’s doing more and more funny things. And so today, your ten Monday smiles are ten things Buttercup has mastered. Enjoy!


10. Stripping naked

9. And climbing the steps

8. While shrieking, “Poopy dap-dap!” (translation: Read more >

My Top Ten Patriotic Goals


Since my family is moving to the Washington, D.C. metro area, I’m making a resolution to visit these awesome sites in and around my new hometown sometime before next July 4th. On my own, I know I could do all this in about a month. But with Squeaker and Buttercup (and Munchkin, when he’s Read more >