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Anna Grace’s Top Ten Cringeworthy Yankee-isms


Re-reading Southern Fried Blues and thinking about the holidays have left me contemplating all the things Anna Grace might say to give Jackson’s momma a heart attack over Christmas dinner. Want to know what they are?
10. “Is that your pie crust? Oh, bless your heart.”

9. “Ham? Read more >

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Ten Things That Make Jackson Davis Happy


Hey, y’all. Jackson Davis here. Seeing as I got the day off work, and Anna Graces snoring–ah, I mean, Radish‘s snoring woke me up early, I got a couple minutes to pop over and tell you about a few of my favorite things. Hope y’all don’t mind.

Ten Things That Put A Smile on My Face (by Jackson Davis)

10. My sister Read more >

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Happy First Birth-iversary, Southern Fried Blues!

First Birth-iversary 1

I’m feeling all sappy and sentimental today. Because one year ago, my first book came out into the world. And it’s been one heck of an awesome year for Southern Fried Blues.

When Mr. Read more >

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Jackson Davis’s Guide to Homemade Pie

Since it’s Pi Day, and since Jackson fell in love with his Anna Grace’s pie almost as hard as he fell in love with his Anna Grace in Southern Fried Blues, today, I present to you…

Jackson Davis’s Guide to Homemade Pie

First thing y’all need to know…

Anna Grace doesn’t put bacon grease in her pie crusts.

Read more >

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Southern Fried Blues Bonus Deleted Scene – Anna Registers for College

Southern Fried Blues

Holy cow, you guys! I’m so excited to have so many new friends hanging out with us! We’re celebrating today with another Southern Fried Blues deleted scene. Y’all ready for this one?

(Don’t worry if you haven’t read the book – no spoilers in here! And if you Read more >

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Guest Interview – Jackson Davis and His Thanksgiving Favorites

Perfect late-night snack

It’s Thanksgiving week here in the US, which means… Wait. You know what?

You don’t want to listen to boring old me talk turkey.

I know what you’re here for.

You want to know what Thanksgiving means to a certain charming Southern gentleman.

It’s okay. I’d rather Read more >

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Deleted Southern Fried Blues Scene – Anna and Jackson and the Apology Pie

Mae Daniels 2

Woohoo! You guys are AMAZING! We passed 200 likes on Facebook, so, as promised and voted on by you fabulous readers, here is an extended version of the scene where Anna brings Jackson an apology pie.

(It starts just after the armadillo incident, which is all I’m going to say for those of Read more >

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The Deleted Iron Bowl Scene from Southern Fried Blues

Jamie Farrell Facebook Page

Thanks to everyone who told their friends to stop by and like my facebook page. We hit our goal!

So as promised, here is a very, very early (unedited) draft of an ultimately deleted scene with Anna and Jackson (and a couple others) at the Iron Bowl, the annual football game between Alabama and Read more >

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Ten Little Extras About Southern Fried Blues

Football Dog Shotgun Quote from Southern Fried Blues

If you’ve read Southern Fried Blues and want a little bit more, this is for you.

If you haven’t read Southern Fried Blues, you can get a copy from Read more >

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