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Munchkin vs. The Toothpaste

SuperHubby was out of town a couple nights last week, and on one of them, he called home to ask how things were going.

“Umm…” I said.

“Yes?” he sighed.

“The kids are in bed,” I told him, “but it was an… interesting night. I just caught Munchkin using Read more >

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A Year of Happy Mondays, the Monday Edition

Y’all, I’m falling behind here on my Mondays. So I need y’all to leave a comment with what’s made YOU happy lately, so I can use it next week. 🙂

(And do make sure you read all the way down to #2. My personal favorite is #5 (or maybe #6 – that was really cute), but I Read more >

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A Year of Happy Mondays – More Farrell Kid Delights

If it’s Monday, it must be time for me to share the top ten hilarious things my kids did this past week. 🙂 Hope y’all have a great one!!

10. Buttercup decided toothbrushes were one-use items and has been throwing hers away every morning. (This is about to get very expensive.)

9. As I Read more >

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The Farrell Children vs. The Dinner Table

We were sitting at dinner last night when Squeaker looked at me and said, “Mama, tell me how was my day.” Which is Squeaker code for, “Mama, please ask me how my day was too!”

So I asked him how his day was, and he replied with the normal, “Fine.” (Which is like Read more >

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Buttercup vs. The Bib

Baby Girl Bib

Buttercup’s words are getting better every day, and recently, she’s discovered the word “bib.”

Like Squeaker, she attaches an “ee” to the end of her favorite words–“egg-ee, book-ee,” etc. So she adds that -ee on the end of bib, too,

Except she Read more >

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Munchkin and the Corn Pie

I was looking through our vegetable drawer the other day when Munchkin came over to join me. He elbowed in and grabbed an ear of corn. “Mama!” he said. “I know what you should do with this! You should make a corn pie!”

“A–huh?” I said. Because I’m eloquent Read more >

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Munchkin vs. His Future

The other day at breakfast, Munchkin looked at me and said, “Mommy, when I’m in college, what grade will Squeaker be in?”

“When you start college, your brother will be starting his sophomore year of high school, and your sister will be starting eighth grade,” I told him.

“Well, Read more >

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Squeaker and the No Good, Very Bad, Horrible, Terrible Day

Of all three of my kids, Squeaker’s the one who resists change the most. So the moving and all of our traveling this summer was a little rough on him. He’s adjusting, but well… I’ll let him tell you about preschool.

“I cried… and I cried… and I cried… Read more >

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Squeaker vs. The Horse

I'm related to this chicken through marriage. Kind of.

I’m related to this chicken through marriage. Kind of.

Y’all, I’ve been saving my favorite summer Squeaker story for you, and today, because I’m off seeing the world, I pulled it out just for you! Enjoy!

While we were in Kansas, we stayed with SuperHubby’s sister on her small farm. She has chickens, goats, and horses. (Side note: great Read more >

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