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Ten Moving Tips, Tricks, and Lessons

Our stuff is here! Our stuff is here!

The movers arrived late last week with our belongings, so our weekend was one big whirl of figuring out where everything fits in our new house. And you know what’s fun about moving? All the little plot twists. You know, those things that don’t go quite Read more >

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PCS Pizza, aka Making Do(ugh) During A Military Move

The extent of my kitchen utensils

The extent of my kitchen utensils in the new house

When the movers came last Wednesday, we assumed we’d have our stuff by Monday at the latest.

Turns out we might not see it until August 16. And the movers packed nearly my entire kitchen. Before they got to it, I assembled a Kitchen Survival Kit, which consisted of this:

and this:

and a 2-cup and Read more >

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