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The Top Ten Things Southerners Need To Know About Snow


We’re supposed to get a snow-slash-sleet storm here in Alabama today.

The polar apocalypse is upon us.

But seriously, snow days are no cause for panic. Here’s all a Southerner needs to know to survive this:


(Just kidding. Get out there and have some fun in this Read more >

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When You Can’t Go Home Again

photo 3

This weekend, we did some time traveling.

Er, okay, not really. But we did go to Georgia, to the base where hubby was stationed for four and a half years back when we were wee little baby adults. (Also known as The Time Before Kids.)

In a lot of ways, going back to Georgia felt like going home. Read more >

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A Southern Magic Holiday Giveaway

One of the perks of being a military wife is that we move around a lot. Sure, the actual moving part can be difficult, but at every new home, I have the opportunity to join new local Romance Writers of America chapters. After all my excitement over the Read more >

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Fun Times at the Marine Corp Birthday Ball

Marine Corp Ball Table Setting

Over the years, the hubby has taken me to a number of formal Air Force functions, but this weekend, he took me to a Marine Corp Birthday Ball, and I can tell you one very important thing:

Marines know how to throw a party.

They had a chocolate mountain. (Yes, mountain. Though it was so popular Read more >

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Happy Veteran’s Day

Grab a tissue.

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Who Are The People You Meet?

I'm sticking my neck out, looking for a friend

I’m sticking my neck out, looking for a friend

Raise your hand if you’re kinda shy.

Me too. It makes parties hard, especially parties in new places with new people, and especially if I’ve spent too many days alternating between talking only to my family and the imaginary people in my head. Oh, and the cats. I totally talk to the cats Read more >

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Southern Fried Blues – The Hollywood Edition

So maybe it’s not Hollywood quality, but here’s a little Southern Fried Fun for today:

Thanks to all of you for a fabulous launch weekend! I’ve been so touched and humbled by all the sweet messages and positive reviews and all the word of mouth you’ve all been generating! You Read more >

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