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Help A Military Wife Move Epic Final Giveaway!!

It’s a moving celebration!!

Our moving truck arrives in days, you guys. DAYS. And I just found another HUGE stack of books, along with a big ol’ stack of cookbooks.

And they all need new homes.

So today, we have not one, not two, but SEVEN giveaways!!

Like Nora Roberts? Jennifer Crusie? Kathleen Read more >

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A Year of Happy Mondays – Memorial Day Edition


SuperHubby has been in the military for over a decade, so this Monday, all my smiles are about my favorite moments courtesy of military life. Happy Monday, and be safe, y’all!

My Top Ten Favorite Moments of Military Life

10. Watching the Thunderbirds fly over my house during practice before an air show when SuperHubby and I lived on Read more >

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A Year of Happy Mondays – Look What I Found! Edition

I’m doing something crazy today – I’m starting Monday on Sunday night. Or, I’m starting Monday on Australia time. Take your pick! Either way, that means something fun is coming tomorrow too!!

The packing and purging for our move have started in earnest, and we’re discovering Read more >

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The Maybe-Last, Maybe-Not-Last Help A Military Wife Move Giveaway!


It’s crunch time with the move, y’all, and I still need help finding good homes for the books I can’t take with me!

Super thanks and congrats to last week’s winner,

Kimberly Dawn!!

Kimberly Dawn, send me an email at jamie @ jamiefarrellbooks . Read more >

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A Year of Happy Mondays – SuperHubby’s Home Edition!

Rabat, Morocco

SuperHubby surprised me Saturday night by arriving home a full eighteen hours earlier than I expected him after his 5-week trip to Morocco! And because I don’t call him SuperHubby for nothin’, by the time you read this my bags will be packed for an impromptu writer-girl getaway. (And Read more >

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Help A Military Wife Move in May!


If it’s Friday, it must be time for another giveaway and winner! Great way to start a weekend, right?

Super congratulations to last week’s Historical Romance bundle winner,

Pamela M.!!

Pamela, shoot me an email at jamie @ jamiefarrellbooks . com (no spaces), Read more >

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Keep Helping This Military Wife Move!


Y’all have been fantastic in volunteering new homes for the books I need to pass along, and it’s time to announce this week’s winner and put the next box of books up for volunteers!

Drum roll please….

The winner of last week’s bundle of books is…


Read more >

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If It’s Friday, It’s Time To Help This Military Wife Again!


I love Fridays. Because Fridays mean…


And this week’s winner of last week’s Help A Military Wife Move Giveaway, as chosen by, is…. CYN!!

Congratulations, Cyn!! 🙂

So how about another giveaway? 🙂

This bundle here has a Read more >

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Winners and The Next Help-A-Military-Wife-Move Giveaway

Mr. Good Enough 99 cent Kindle Countdown Image

Hey, y’all! We have a winner from last week’s giveaway, and I have another giveaway for you today, but first–


If you missed it last time it was on sale, grab it now!! Share the love and tell all your friends before it goes back up to regular price!!!

Buy it now at Amazon!

The next fun Friday news–

You can enter to win a signed copy of Mr. Good Enough at Goodreads this weekend!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Mr Good Enough

by Jamie Farrell

Giveaway ends April 13, 2014.

See Read more >

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Help a Military Wife Move!

Moving - Ultimate Inspiration to Downsize

One of the fun and not-so-fun things about military life is that we move. Sometimes a lot. One day, SuperHubby comes home from work and says, “I got orders,” and we spend a little bit of time talking about where and what he’ll be doing and how long we might be there, and then, Read more >

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