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Something About A Truck

We were out to dinner last week when Squeaker started hollering. “Truck! Truck, Mama! Truck!” This isn’t anything new with Squeaker – he’s in the I Love Trucks phase of preschoolerhood.

But then Munchkin leaned over him to look out the window too. “Mommy, look! Read more >

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Fantasy Boyfriend League Inspirational Player of the Week

The hubby and I were talking about some articles going around Facebook and Twitter last week, which led to me mentioning this  speech Ashton Kutcher gave at the Teen Choice Awards a few months back. Hubby hadn’t seen it, so we watched it together.

Even on a second watch, it was so great that Read more >

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Drink Up, Me Hearties!

Flat Jack drinking it up

In honor of International Talk Like A Pirate Day, everyone with Jack Sparrow on their Fantasy Boyfriend League team gets fifty extra points.

Some day, I promise, I will finally do justice to my contemporary pirate treasure hunt story. Until then, I’ll continue to dream about Jack.

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An Ode to Bacon

After last week’s discovery of this bacon costume, I’ve had bacon on my mind.

No, wait.

I have bacon on my mind pretty much all the time. I mean, it’s bacon. How do you spell yummy? B-A-C-O-N.

In fact, in honor of bacon, today’s pick for my Fantasy Boyfriend League Read more >

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Fantasy Boyfriends, NFL Monday Giggle Edition

So you’re all thinking about who you want on your team for our Fantasy Boyfriend League, right? I’m totally adding Josh Brolin as MC (that’s Man Chef) to my team. Apparently he bakes good pies. I wonder if he took my tutorial?

While you’re making your picks, the hubby found Read more >

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Forget Fantasy Football. Let’s Make A Fantasy Boyfriend League.

Image courtesy

Image courtesy

I know lots of women enjoy football. I do, too. Especially on a big screen with lots of zoomed-in action on those football pants. And I can even follow the rules of the game most of the time. (I didn’t date a football player in high school for nothing, people!) But when it comes to this whole Read more >

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