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Ten Things You’ll Smile About This Monday

My children are at it again, y’all. And so your Monday smiles today are ten things they’ve done in the last week. 🙂 Enjoy!!

10. I helped Squeaker into the shower one night, where he promptly did the potty dance, grabbed a rinse cup, and peed in it. Then grinned up at me like he was brilliantly Read more >

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Buttercup vs. The Bib

Baby Girl Bib

Buttercup’s words are getting better every day, and recently, she’s discovered the word “bib.”

Like Squeaker, she attaches an “ee” to the end of her favorite words–“egg-ee, book-ee,” etc. So she adds that -ee on the end of bib, too,

Except she Read more >

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Munchkin and the Corn Pie

I was looking through our vegetable drawer the other day when Munchkin came over to join me. He elbowed in and grabbed an ear of corn. “Mama!” he said. “I know what you should do with this! You should make a corn pie!”

“A–huh?” I said. Because I’m eloquent Read more >

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Munchkin vs. His Future

The other day at breakfast, Munchkin looked at me and said, “Mommy, when I’m in college, what grade will Squeaker be in?”

“When you start college, your brother will be starting his sophomore year of high school, and your sister will be starting eighth grade,” I told him.

“Well, Read more >

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Jamie’s Sister vs. The Goose


As part of our girls’ weekend in San Francisco, my sisters and mom and I went on a couple winery tours. My baby sister, like CJ Blue’s baby sister in Blissed, is technically a little older than just barely legal Read more >

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My Sister vs. The Kilted Bell Boy

photo 2

When my mom and sisters and I flew in for our girls’ weekend, it took three travel itineraries to get us all here. Mom and my youngest sister flew together, my middle sister flew later in the day from the same place, and I flew in from DC.

My middle sister was the last to get there. She Read more >

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My Mom vs. The Cable Car

Jamie Farrell with Mom and Sister

My mom and sisters and I recently went to San Francisco for our first ever girls’ weekend. And it started in true family tradition.

We broke a cable car.

Okay, it was broken before we got to it, but we did watch it get repaired before we were allowed to board. They had to replace the cable Read more >

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A Year of Happy Mondays, The Random Edition

Happy Monday, y’all! It’s been a crazy last week for me – traveling, sick kids, general clumsiness, etc. – and I’m so glad to be getting back into my normal routine! But I haven’t had time to prep a general theme this week, so instead, you’re getting ten random Read more >

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Squeaker and the No Good, Very Bad, Horrible, Terrible Day

Of all three of my kids, Squeaker’s the one who resists change the most. So the moving and all of our traveling this summer was a little rough on him. He’s adjusting, but well… I’ll let him tell you about preschool.

“I cried… and I cried… and I cried… Read more >

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