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Munchkin Mondays!

Welcome to Munchkin Mondays! In an effort to bring a smile to the beginning of the work week, I’m dedicating Mondays in 2015 to stories of my children’s antics. This week, we’re going way, way back to the days when Munchkin was one, an only child, and re-visiting some of my favorite Read more >

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Happy 2015!

Woot!! It’s a new year! Time for new goals and resolutions (although, really, anytime is a great time for new goals and resolutions).

This year, my goals are simple.

1. Eat more vegetables. In March 2014, I hit my goal weight at Weight Watchers. Then we moved, and… I’ve Read more >

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Jamie’s Top Ten Moments of 2014

Once again, I find myself uttering the phrase, “Where has this year gone?!” And so once again, I’m mulling over the highlights of the last year. And so I’ve come up with a few that stood out. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


10. I drove two children and two cats 600 miles by myself, spent Read more >

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Munchkin vs. The Toothpaste

SuperHubby was out of town a couple nights last week, and on one of them, he called home to ask how things were going.

“Umm…” I said.

“Yes?” he sighed.

“The kids are in bed,” I told him, “but it was an… interesting night. I just caught Munchkin using Read more >

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If You Give A Man A Project…

Midsection of man with shopping cart in hardware store

Sunday morning, SuperHubby announced, “I have a project to do.”

I cringed.

“It’s a small project,” he said quickly. “I just might have to run out to the hardware store for a little bit.”

“So what you really mean,” I said, “Is ‘I have a small project that’s actually a large Read more >

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Jamie vs. Reality


Conversations in a romance writer’s home:

Me: “I’m really busy with the kids today. Not sure when I’ll get back to the manuscript. Which isn’t really a problem, I guess. I left my people making out. They won’t mind if it takes me a few hours or days to finish Read more >

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Jamie vs. The Halloween Costume


How I know SuperHubby loves me: he surprised me with a new Halloween costume.

Now taking bets on if I can get him into an egg costume. 🙂

* * *

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A Year of Happy Mondays, the Monday Edition

Y’all, I’m falling behind here on my Mondays. So I need y’all to leave a comment with what’s made YOU happy lately, so I can use it next week. 🙂

(And do make sure you read all the way down to #2. My personal favorite is #5 (or maybe #6 – that was really cute), but I Read more >

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A Year of Happy Mondays – More Farrell Kid Delights

If it’s Monday, it must be time for me to share the top ten hilarious things my kids did this past week. 🙂 Hope y’all have a great one!!

10. Buttercup decided toothbrushes were one-use items and has been throwing hers away every morning. (This is about to get very expensive.)

9. As I Read more >

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The Farrell Children vs. The Dinner Table

We were sitting at dinner last night when Squeaker looked at me and said, “Mama, tell me how was my day.” Which is Squeaker code for, “Mama, please ask me how my day was too!”

So I asked him how his day was, and he replied with the normal, “Fine.” (Which is like Read more >

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