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A Thousand Stories in Fourteen Words


We took the kids to Boo at the Zoo this weekend.

This sign was posted at the entrance.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? 🙂 Have a great Monday!

p.s. Have you entered to win a signed copy of Southern Fried Blues at Goodreads? The contest ends tomorrow! Go enter!

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How My Super Power Broke A Redneck Getaway

I'm not near as good as Anna in Southern Fried Blues

I’m not near as good as Anna in Southern Fried Blues

We took the family for a little getaway in the backwoods of Alabama recently. Even though only one of the four adults present were actually Southerners, it was a true Southern getaway, complete with redneck golf, fried catfish, ketchup (there was a Southern Minnesotan among us), and directions that Read more >

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A Yankee Girl’s Guide To Southern Roulette

Unsweet Tea

This is tea:

This is sweet tea:

This is Southern roulette:

Can you spot the sweet tea?

(Also, for true Southern roulette, these could also be in matching crystal or red solo cups.)

Since I’ve lived in the South for almost a decade, I decided recently that I needed to attempt to expand my repertoire of Southern dishes. And I had never made Read more >

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Something About A Truck

We were out to dinner last week when Squeaker started hollering. “Truck! Truck, Mama! Truck!” This isn’t anything new with Squeaker – he’s in the I Love Trucks phase of preschoolerhood.

But then Munchkin leaned over him to look out the window too. “Mommy, look! Read more >

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How Did You Meet?

Aren't we sweet?

All these years later, he’s still my inspiration

Since I love love stories, and since I love funny stories, and since I hope you all love the same, today I’m sharing how my hubby and I first met, and I hope you’ll share back how you met your significant other!

A Brief History:

I grew up in central Illinois. Hubby grew up in St. Louis. Read more >

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Who Are The People You Meet?

I'm sticking my neck out, looking for a friend

I’m sticking my neck out, looking for a friend

Raise your hand if you’re kinda shy.

Me too. It makes parties hard, especially parties in new places with new people, and especially if I’ve spent too many days alternating between talking only to my family and the imaginary people in my head. Oh, and the cats. I totally talk to the cats Read more >

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A Frazzled Yankee Mom’s Guide To Homemade Southern Biscuits

Welcome to my biscuit cheat sheet. Today, we’ll be discussing making quick biscuits from scratch. But first, you all have to swear not to tell Jackson’s momma. You swear? Promise? Pinky promise?


Moving right along.

Step one:

Preheat your oven, then toss all your dry ingredients and your butter Read more >

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Fantasy Boyfriends, NFL Monday Giggle Edition

So you’re all thinking about who you want on your team for our Fantasy Boyfriend League, right? I’m totally adding Josh Brolin as MC (that’s Man Chef) to my team. Apparently he bakes good pies. I wonder if he took my tutorial?

While you’re making your picks, the hubby found Read more >

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Forget Fantasy Football. Let’s Make A Fantasy Boyfriend League.

Image courtesy

Image courtesy

I know lots of women enjoy football. I do, too. Especially on a big screen with lots of zoomed-in action on those football pants. And I can even follow the rules of the game most of the time. (I didn’t date a football player in high school for nothing, people!) But when it comes to this whole Read more >

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Peach Madness

After our epic journey to Georgia for the world’s best peaches, we’ve been enjoying the fruits of our travels. Step one was peach pie.

Step two: The Cobbler.

We picked up a recipe book from the Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, Georgia, several years back, and it has the most amazing cobbler Read more >

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