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A Year of Happy Mondays – Ten Things I’ll Miss About The South

Today is my last day in the South. Well, maybe not my last-ever day, but my last-for-the-foreseeable-future day. So today, I’m celebrating a bunch of things that I love about the South, and I hope these bring a smile to your face too!

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The Best Ever Magic Peach Cobbler

The Best Magic Peach Cobbler in the World

Every once in a  while, I get a girls’ night out. A couple Fridays ago was one of those nights. There was a wine and good food potluck at a fellow military spouse’s house, and since I had peaches in the freezer that I needed to use before we move, and since SuperHubby and I lived Read more >

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Dream a Little Dream With Me

Sometimes I have these crazy, wacky dreams. Dreams where I’m an intergalactic princess or where I’m flying just by flapping my arms, or sometimes where I’m flying in inflatable airplanes and being shot at but where I know I’m safe because I can control the bullets with my mind. Read more >

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The Bridal Boutique Finalists!!

I Need Your Votes!

My next romance novel, THE HUSBAND GAMES, is set in Bliss, Illinois, the self-proclaimed Most Married-est Town Read more >

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Jackson Davis’s Guide to Homemade Pie

Since it’s Pi Day, and since Jackson fell in love with his Anna Grace’s pie almost as hard as he fell in love with his Anna Grace in Southern Fried Blues, today, I present to you…

Jackson Davis’s Guide to Homemade Pie

First thing y’all need to know…

Anna Grace doesn’t put bacon grease in her pie crusts.

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The Top Ten Things Southerners Need To Know About Snow


We’re supposed to get a snow-slash-sleet storm here in Alabama today.

The polar apocalypse is upon us.

But seriously, snow days are no cause for panic. Here’s all a Southerner needs to know to survive this:


(Just kidding. Get out there and have some fun in this Read more >

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A Yankee Girl’s Guide To Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie

It’s not too early to start talking about pies for Christmas, is it?



Because I can’t wait to make this pie again.

It’s not too weird to admit I made the pie because it just happens to be the favorite pie of Jackson Davis, hero of Southern Fried Blues, either, right?

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A Yankee Girl’s Guide to Southern Cornbread

Corn bread is one of those things I never gave much thought to. You buy the Jiffy mix, follow the directions on the box, and poof! Cornbread.

Then I moved to the south. And I listened to more country music. And I realized I was quite possibly missing something.

Something important.

And its name was cornbread. Read more >

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Banana Heaven


Angie’s Banana Pudding

Last spring, we stopped in Nashville over spring break and had dinner with friends at a Chinese restaurant, and I got super excited because they had banana pudding. You know the kind, right? With pudding and Nilla wafers and bananas? That’s like milk and fruit and healthy cookies (vanilla’s Read more >

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