Moonshine & Magnolias - Jamie Farrell

Moonshine & Magnolias

Officers' Ex-Wives Club Book Three

“Ms. Farrell puts the sass back in sassy and the gentlemen back in the south.” – Cyn’s Reviews

“Jamie Farrell is the queen of the sweet southern romance!” – Fiction Fangirls

From the author of National Readers’ Choice Awards finalist Southern Fried Blues comes the next installment in this hilarious and heartwarming Officers’ Ex-Wives Club military romance series!

Shelby needs another military man in her life like she needs a hole in her head. But when a freak softball accident leaves her with a broken arm, the hot and sexy Sergeant Sugarbuns next door barges into her life to help with those pesky everyday issues she can’t quite handle one-handed.

Like that little incident with her dog and the magnolia tree.

Zack loves a good adventure, and he’s spent thirteen years going everywhere and doing everything the military will let him. Helping the hilarious single mom next door (whether she likes it or not) is another kind of adventure entirely. A short fling with her while her kids are away with their father is a great last hurrah in Georgia before his moving orders land and send him to Alaska.

But the one thing neither can deny is that the growing spark between them is more than skin-deep. Shelby needs roots and a home for her kids. Zack has too many big dreams to settle down. Can these two star-crossed lovers find a way to meet in the middle?

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