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Her Rebel Heart

Officers’ Ex-Wives Club Book One

“If you think smart and sassy is sexy, and heroes should come drop dead gorgeous and dedicated to their women, you’re going to love Kaci and Lance. Southern Fried Blues may have given us Jackson Davis and pie, but Her Rebel Heart gives us pumpkin-chucking and Lance Wheeler!” – Tarina Deaton, military romance author

The laugh-out-loud, heart-tugging standalone prequel romance in the bestselling Officers’ Ex-Wives Club series!

A sexy military pilot is about to meet his match in an unpredictable physics professor!

Kaci Boudreaux is every Southern mama’s nightmare, including her own. This former Miss Grits would rather tromp around in boots shooting off potato guns—and her mouth—than dress pretty and play nice with the boys. Especially her chauvinistic fellow professors, her ex-husband, and those military cargo pilots she accidentally started a war with.

Lance Wheeler is every Southern belle’s dream, except his ex-fiancé’s. After being left at the altar, he’d love to take his C-130 and fly far, far away. But since his bird technically belongs to Uncle Sam (as does he), a distraction in the form of a feisty fireball of a physics professor will do while he’s waiting for his next deployment with the Air Force.

He’s into her for the fun. She’s into him for the challenge. But when their secrets start slipping out, their hearts will be on the line. She needs roots. He wants to see the world. What will they do about needing each other?

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Praise for Jamie Farrell and the Officers’ Ex-Wives Club:

Finalist, National Readers’ Choice Awards
Finalist, National Excellence in Romance Fiction Awards

“This was one of those books that had me racing to finish, yet sad it was ending, at the same time… You’re going to be stranded without her funny, witty, clever voice if you finish the book. You just don’t want it to end.” – New York Times Bestselling Author Katy Regnery

Love this story SO MUCH. Highly recommend!” Bestselling author Sharla Lovelace

“The perfect mix of funny laugh out loud moments and moments that might have you shedding a tear or two.” –Carol, top 100 Goodreads Reviewers

“Ms. Farrell takes an honest, thought-provoking look at the difficulty of loving someone who chooses to serve, and military members who force their families to pick up and start over” – Coffee Time Romance

“Southern Fried Blues will have you laughing because of the banter between the characters, cheering on a strong heroine, and swooning over the very gentlemanly hero.” – So Many Reads

When I think of Jackson Davis my knees go weak.”- Book Soulmates