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Forget Fantasy Football. Let’s Make A Fantasy Boyfriend League.

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I know lots of women enjoy football. I do, too. Especially on a big screen with lots of zoomed-in action on those football pants. And I can even follow the rules of the game most of the time. (I didn’t date a football player in high school for nothing, people!) But when it comes to this whole Read more >

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Southern Fried Blues – The Hollywood Edition

So maybe it’s not Hollywood quality, but here’s a little Southern Fried Fun for today:

Thanks to all of you for a fabulous launch weekend! I’ve been so touched and humbled by all the sweet messages and positive reviews and all the word of mouth you’ve all been generating! You Read more >

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Peach Madness

After our epic journey to Georgia for the world’s best peaches, we’ve been enjoying the fruits of our travels. Step one was peach pie.

Step two: The Cobbler.

We picked up a recipe book from the Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, Georgia, several years back, and it has the most amazing cobbler Read more >

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Top Shelf Reads – Personal Assets

A Sass-kickin' Texas Nights Love Story

Hooray! It’s release day!

My fabulous critique partner and friend, Kelsey Browning, is celebrating the release of her debut novel, Personal Assets, today!

If you like hot Texas romances with fun, lovable characters, this is the book for you!

I loved Allie and Cameron. Okay, seriously, how Read more >

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Southern Fried Blues, Cover Edition

If you like the cover, you'll love the book!

No witty conversation here today. Instead, a thousand words:

Isn’t it beautiful?! If you like this, you’ll love Anna and Jackson. Their story is coming soon. Soon!!

Want to be the first to hear when Southern Read more >

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How To Make The Perfect Peach Pie

They grow the best peaches here!

Step One:
Find a county named after peaches. Go there. Even if it’s raining.

Step Two:
Follow the signs. Even if it’s raining and you can’t see the signs very well.

Step Three:
After you go from the parking lot to the building in the pouring rain, do not close your Read more >

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Sunday Sneak Peek

Do you know who Mae Daniels is?

Know what’s coming soon?

Excited? I am!

And if you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll be the first to hear when Southern Fried Blues is available!

Have a great week! 🙂

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Ten Moving Tips, Tricks, and Lessons

Our stuff is here! Our stuff is here!

The movers arrived late last week with our belongings, so our weekend was one big whirl of figuring out where everything fits in our new house. And you know what’s fun about moving? All the little plot twists. You know, those things that don’t go quite Read more >

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PCS Pizza, aka Making Do(ugh) During A Military Move

The extent of my kitchen utensils

The extent of my kitchen utensils in the new house

When the movers came last Wednesday, we assumed we’d have our stuff by Monday at the latest.

Turns out we might not see it until August 16. And the movers packed nearly my entire kitchen. Before they got to it, I assembled a Kitchen Survival Kit, which consisted of this:

and this:

and a 2-cup and Read more >

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