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Y’all Must Really Love Me

Screenshot 2016-01-22 14.43.06

I was glancing at my Facebook page, and one post stood out as the most popular post of the year so far.

This one:

I… I’m not entirely certain what to make of that. 🙂 Except to say that I love you all for not being repulsed by my “Eeeww!” face. 🙂

p.s. Have you read  Read more >

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My Books are Back on Google Play!


Great news for Google Play users!! My books are now available on Google Play in 2-pack bundles!

Because of Google Play’s pricing and discount policies, I’m unable to offer my books individually on their platform, but you can try any of my books individually from Read more >

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Anna Grace’s Top Ten Cringeworthy Yankee-isms


Re-reading Southern Fried Blues and thinking about the holidays have left me contemplating all the things Anna Grace might say to give Jackson’s momma a heart attack over Christmas dinner. Want to know what they are?
10. “Is that your pie crust? Oh, bless your heart.”

9. “Ham? Read more >

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I was going to bribe you with eggnog, but this is probably better.

**UPDATE: GIVEAWAY OVER! Thanks to everyone who participated!**

Hey there, awesome peoples!! If you like finding new romance authors and fabulous giveaways (Kindle Fire tablet and a $50 Amazon gift card, anyone?), then I invite you to hop on over to Facebook for the #UnderTheMistletoe author hop!

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Small Town Summer is Here!!

SmallTownSummer_Boxed SetMETA


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It’s here! It’s here! The Small Town Summer Anthology is here!!

I’m so excited that Moonshine & Magnolias is out in the world this morning. This wasn’t the easiest story I’ve Read more >

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Munchkin Monday!

Happy Monday, y’all!! The sun is shining, the forecast is beautiful, and my children might actually have school all day, every day this week. Wouldn’t that be something?!?!

Anyway! On to the Munchkinisms of the week. Today, we’re going back in time to the fall of 2011, when Squeaker Read more >

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Munchkin Monday!

Welcome to a new week, y’all! I’ll spare you the rah-rahs and we’ll go straight into the Munchkinisms. These came from my Facebook wall from the summer when Squeaker was one and Munchkin was four. 🙂

“Um, excuse me, Mommy. What is Magic Mike all about?”

Almost three Read more >

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Whack-a-Doo Wednesday!

Hey, y’all! Welcome to Whack-a-Doo Wednesday, our weekly trip into the weirdness that is my dream diary. This week, we’re going back a few years to a time when SuperHubby had been deployed for a few months and Munchkin and I were living all by our lonesome. I’m not sure how that Read more >

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Munchkin Monday!

Oh, y’all, do I have a treat for you today. Munchkin Monday, the 2.5-year-old Munchkin edition. This kid… Here. I’ll just let you see what he was up to all those years ago.

 Munchkin quote of the day: “Mommy, you have three choices. You can play play-doh with me, or you can Read more >

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The Language Of Love, Husband Games Style


Three days ago, CJ Blue (hero of Blissed) snuck into my head and asked if he could write Natalie some poetry for Valentine’s Day.

And because I’m a sucker, I indulged him.

Natalie and I both kinda wish I hadn’t, but he’s very proud of himself, and so here, for you today, Read more >

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