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Misfit Bride-A-Palooza: Blissed Week!!

Happy Misfit Bride-a-palooza!  Let's dig in to the book that started it all…

From Blissed (Misfit Brides #1)…

She hoped he kissed her.
Only her.
And that when he kissed her, he was thinking about her.
Only her.
If he kissed her, she would kiss him back.
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Announcing Misfit Bride-A-Palooza!!

Welcome to Misfit Bride-a-Palooza!!

What is it? A month-long celebration of the Misfit Brides!

(Did I say prizes? Because there are SO MANY PRIZES!!)

Where is it? All over Jamie’s favorite places on the Interwebs! Here on Jamie’s website, on her Facebook page, in the Feisty Belles fan group, and in Jamie’s VIP Reader Read more >

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