Ten Things You Didn't Know About MERRIED - Jamie Farrell

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About MERRIED


Merried is here! And to celebrate, I’m giving you ten funny things you didn’t know about Merried!

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All books go through revisions, but how many revisions depends on the book. And sometimes, the funniest scenes have to get cut, and sometimes, the research itself is even funnier. So, with that in mind, here are ten random things about MERRIED (no spoilers included, I promise).

10. I searched for llamas in North American history, because I wanted to know if I could have a historically accurate Christmas Llama at the Snow Bride Festival in Bliss. (Unfortunately, I couldn’t. But a shout-out to my Belles for the ideas for awesome alternative animals.)

9. In the first draft of MERRIED, Merry was an artist applying for a job at a local learn-to-paint studio in Bliss.

8. There’s a character in the epilogue who was cut as a photographer in Sugared and almost cut completely in her newly re-assigned profession in Merried. (And she might get a book of her own one day. I have an extended epilogue for Merried that could start the new book.)


7. As I was finishing up the first draft, I looked at SuperHubby and said, “I should reward myself after I get Merried off to my editor.”

He lifted both eyebrows and snickered, and I realized it didn’t quite sound the way I meant it to.

(My editor and I are quite happy in our platonic editor-author relationship. No plans to get married. Just in case you were wondering.)

6. SuperHubby is the reason Max’s grandfather designed the Mrs. Claus diamond ring. (But he did a lot of eye-rolling when I told him the fictional history of the ring, which is always a sign I’m on the right track.)

5. I had to make myself a chart to keep track of Merry’s stepfathers.

4. In the first draft, Max wanted to be a crime novelist instead of a jeweler.


3. The town Merry lived in between disappearing and coming back into Max’s life is the same town my grandma lived in most of my childhood. It was mostly an accident that I used the same town – I was looking for rural towns with good cheese shops in central Illinois. 🙂

2. I had to change the name of Max’s car. In the first draft, it was Fifi, but I thought that sounded too close to Phoebe. (And if you don’t know Phoebe Moon yet, you’re going to love her!)

merried-white-paperback1. Merried is set at Christmastime because my fans asked me to write a Christmas book, but it can be read any time of year.

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