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The Top Ten Sexiest Things A Romance Hero Can Do

We all love our romance heroes muscular and determined, with that soft spot for our beloved heroine, but I have a few more requirements for my ideal hero. You won’t necessarily find him doing all of these things within the pages of a romance novel, but in my fantasy, he’s totally on top of it.

Jamie’s Top Ten Sexiest Things A Romance Hero Can Do

10. Always keep the bathroom stocked with toilet paper.

9. Rinse food particles out of the kitchen sink after doing the dishes.

8. Fold and put away his own laundry.

7. Change diapers. (Note: Bonus points if it’s not his kid.)

6. Never leave floaters.

5. Sponsor random spa days. (Babysitting included.)

4. Kill all the effing spiders. (And mice. And palmetto bugs. And… you get the idea.)

3. Cover bath time.

2. Don’t judge the reasons we watch Supernatural.

1. Just let her read.

What do you think? What’s the sexiest thing your hero does for you? What do you wish he’d do more?

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Jennifer B. Schantz says April 10, 2016

Keep both cars clean on the outside and inside

Tami Schafer says April 12, 2016

Love this lol ,cook for me 😀 then do the dishes !

Pam Carter says May 15, 2016

OMG I LOVED #6. Laughed so loud I scarred my dog. My rule is EVERYONE puts the lid down on the toilet. Then nobody’s butt gets an unexpected bath. My daughter n law loves that my son do this all the time.

Dawn Foss says January 25, 2017

OMG I am cracking up! Best list ever!!

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