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Anna Grace’s Top Ten Cringeworthy Yankee-isms

Re-reading Southern Fried Blues and thinking about the holidays have left me contemplating all the things Anna Grace might say to give Jackson’s momma a heart attack over Christmas dinner. Want to know what they are?
slider510. “Is that your pie crust? Oh, bless your heart.”

9. “Ham? Jackson told me we were having squirrel for Christmas dinner.”

8. “When does the redneck golf start again?”

7.  “Is Louisa’s boyfriend coming?”

6. “Anything Southerners can do, Canadians do better.”

5. “I’ve lived in Georgia so long, I could be a Southerner too.”

4. “The Golden Gophers could mop the football field with Auburn and Alabama put together.”

3. “Please pass the ketchup.”

2. “I hope it snows!”

1. “You do know that the North won the war, don’t you?”

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Jennifer Schantz says December 11, 2015

Hey, what’s so wrong with catsup? I happen to like it alot!

    Jamie Farrell says December 11, 2015

    But Jackson’s momma would be appalled to see it put on her collard greens. 🙂

Jennifer Schantz says December 12, 2015

Well, alright. Mutters-I don’t even know what collard greens are.

    Jamie Farrell says December 12, 2015

    Anna Grace would like you. But Jackson’s momma wouldn’t be as impressed. LOL

      Jennifer Schantz says December 13, 2015

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