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Munchkin Monday!

Happy Monday, y’all!! The sun is shining, the forecast is beautiful, and my children might actually have school all day, every day this week. Wouldn’t that be something?!?!

Anyway! On to the Munchkinisms of the week. Today, we’re going back in time to the fall of 2011, when Squeaker was still a wee baby and Munchkin was three and a half. Y’all ready? Let’s do it!

“Aw-wa-wa, mommy. That means French in goodbye.”

Adorable, and 100% his mother’s child. 🙂


Last night the Munchkin dreamed that “Daddy was the fireman and I was the waterman.” Heh. We have another dreamer in the house.

And his dreams have gotten longer and more complex since. 🙂


Munchkin was walking around quacking and asking for grapes. I told him to put his shoes on, and he said, “Moo-ooom! Ducks don’t wear shoes!”

He had a point. I’ve never seen a duck in shoes. Have you?


Munchkin cannot get out of the tub yet because he is not finished “brewing beer” through a plastic egg that just cracked open to hatch a slinky baby.

I give all credit for this one to SuperHubby, the master brewer in the house.


Words of wisdom from the Munchkin: “Don’t laugh when you have a burger in your hand in your Beeria.”

Side note: “Beeria” and “My Beeria” are a country Munchkin made up.


Munchkin just marched from the car all the way to his classroom howling, “Shake It For Me, Girl.” He’s having the best Monday of all his classmates, it appears.

And I had the most explaining to do to his teachers that day…


Munchkin’s dream:”There was a giraffe in My Beeria because I decided to capture him and then I shooted him. It was a big giraffe!”

See? My Beeria. And dreams. That child is definitely ours.


Squeaker just tried to crawl through the cat door. Then he went for his new favorite toy – the doingy door stopper.

Seriously, raise your hand – who loved doinging the door stopper when you were growing up? I did!! And now I tell my kids to knock it off.


Driving to school every day, we listen to the radio. Munchkin always asks, “Mommy, what’s this song?” Always. Today, though, a Kenny Chesney song came on the radio, and he says, “Mommy, is this ‘You and Tequila Make Babies’?”

Not any more, dude.


Hope y’all have a great week!! 🙂

* * *

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Ruby Norwood says March 9, 2015

Hope you have a great week!!!

    Jamie Farrell says March 9, 2015

    <3 Thanks, Ruby!! You too!!

Gretchen says March 9, 2015

too funny

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