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Munchkin Monday!

Welcome to a new week, y’all! I’ll spare you the rah-rahs and we’ll go straight into the Munchkinisms. These came from my Facebook wall from the summer when Squeaker was one and Munchkin was four. 🙂


“Um, excuse me, Mommy. What is Magic Mike all about?”

Almost three years later, and I still have no intention of telling him. He and his brother and sister do their own booty dance often enough.


Squeaker has two sippy cups this morning. He’s currently clanking them together saying, “Shoosh,” which is his word for cheers.

I miss these days. 🙂


“Mommy, when you grow a new baby in your belly, can Miss Cookie have Squeaker?”

Ooh, Munchkin…


Munchkin has expanded his repertoire of hysterical-things-my-kid-does to include the Macarena.

I’m so proud. 🙂


Today’s turning into one of those “Don’t hit your brother with a hammer” kind of days. And this time, it’s the littler one getting in trouble.

It astonishes me that it took me four years to realize Squeaker is 65% mischief, 65% sweetheart, and 100% boy.


First, Munchkin steps into a pillowcase, potato-sack race style, shuffles across the room, looks done at the pillowcase he’s standing in, and says, “Wanna see the party?” Then, he decides to play hair doctor and says, “But first I have to put on my girl hair and be a girl,” and promptly swishes the pillowcase over his head so he looks like a nun in a sage green habit.

SuperHubby says, “I’m going to set up surveillance cameras in this house just to catch stuff like this.”

Then Munchkin went falsetto. “Oooh, I’m doing hair.”

SuperHubby says, “Why are you talking like that?”

Munchkin’s response? (Still falsetto, of course.) “I’m being a girl.”

And then, when SuperHubby and I started to lose it, he adds, still falsetto, “I’m going to set up cameras in this house.” Best unintentional mocking ever.

And we still wish we had cameras set up in this house. We could be a sitcom.


Munchkin: “Mommy, how about we change Squeaker’s name to Munchkin too.”

No ego with that one…


“Mommy, can I do your hair?” “Sure, Munchkin. Thanks.” “Mommy, can I please use scissors?”

And one day soon, it will be Buttercup. I just hope she asks first. 🙂

Have a wonderful week, y’all!

* * *

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