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The Language Of Love, Husband Games Style

BlissedAudioThree days ago, CJ Blue (hero of Blissed) snuck into my head and asked if he could write Natalie some poetry for Valentine’s Day.

And because I’m a sucker, I indulged him.

Natalie and I both kinda wish I hadn’t, but he’s very proud of himself, and so here, for you today, I’m sharing his and Natalie’s poem exchange. Hope y’all enjoy! 🙂

Dear Natalie,

I wrote you some poetry. Will you be my Valentine?

There once was a girl from Bliss

Who had a really fine set of tits

I tried copping a feel

Without buying her a meal

And now all I get to do is kiss her grits.



Natalie’s first response:

Dear CJ,

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I know your middle name,
And I will use it against you.



CJ was a little nervous after that. So he wrote her another one.

Dear Natalie,

I don’t think I expressed my love properly the first time. I’ve tried again. Smooches.

There once was a girl from Bliss

Who got smacked by life on the rumpkiss

The QG made her life hell

But she rang that old bat’s bell

And told the Queen General to go take a piss.



Seriously, y’all… I don’t know where he came from. But Natalie answered this one too.

Dear CJ,

Oh, honey, you were very clear. Huggles.

Roses are pink,

Violets are purple,

Please stop with the poetry,

Or I’ll twist your nipple.




Uh-oh, y’all… it’s getting warm in here. And not in the good way…

Dear Natalie,

This time I’ve got it right, I just know it. Can I not sleep on the couch tonight?

There once was a girl from Bliss

Who really knew how to hiss

Then I came into her life

And now she’s really nice

She even lets me give her a kiss


Your Stud Muffin 4-Ever

Phew! I think he might’ve pulled it off, y’all. But I’m not sure. Do you think she forgives him?

Dear Stud Muffin,

There once was a girl named Natalie

Who was sometimes treated badly

She fell in love with a goofball

Who was really quite tall

And she taught him the right way to do poetry

I love you too.


Your Nat 4-Ever

They have a unique romance, that’s for sure. Here’s hoping y’all have a great Valentine’s Day!

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Amber Tinsley says February 14, 2015

That was some very perfect poetry. Every once in a blue moon some super sobby romantic poetry is nice but I would much rather receive something that’s gonna make me laugh.

    Jamie Farrell says February 14, 2015


Gretchen says February 15, 2015

Love this

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