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Fairy Tale Fun With Anna Grace!!


Today, for something different, I’m participating in the Fairy Tale Fun Blog Hop! What does that mean? It means you get to find out how Anna Grace from Southern Fried Blues is like Rapunzel, and it also means you get a chance to win a box of brownies! Intrigued? Keep reading!

First, the fun stuff.

How Anna Grace, Heroine of Southern Fried Blues, Is Like Rapunzel From Tangled

1. They are both blonde.

(Yes, yes. That’s the easy one.)

Rapunzel Copyright Disney

2. They’ve both been unknowingly trapped when their story begins.

Rapunzel's Tower Copyright Disney

3. They both have a thing about keeping busy.

Rapunzel’s version of keeping busy:


Anna Grace’s version of keeping busy:


And more…

4. They’re both on a journey of self-discovery


5. They both have a strong, dashing man along for the ride.


And there you have it! All the best ways Anna Grace is like Rapunzel. ūüôā I just adore quirky characters, and I adore when a good hero loves a heroine because of her quirks, rather than despite her quirks. So tell me – what’s your favorite character quirk?

By the way – if you haven’t read¬†Southern Fried Blues, you can get your copy now¬†at:¬†Amazon¬† | ¬†Barnes & Noble¬†| ¬†Kobo¬†| ¬†iBooks¬† | ¬†Google Play¬†¬†|¬†Smashwords

And now… Giveaway details!!

Sprite 24We can’t have a big blog hop without a prize, can we? The Grand Prize for the Fairy Tale Fun Blog Hop¬†is the Congratulations¬†Sprite 24 Gift Box from Fairytale Brownies¬† which includes a snack-size¬†assortment of 24 delicious gourmet brownies.
Giveaway is open to US residents ONLY and will be selected at random and announced on Tuesday, February 17th.
You can enter at each stop on the hop, which means EIGHTEEN chances to win!
**IMPORTANT!!** Make sure you leave your email address in your comment so we can reach you if your name is drawn! Remember, to enter here, just comment below and tell me about one of your favorite quirks.¬†The quirk can one of yours, or a quirk that makes someone in your life extra lovable (like the way Jackson loves Anna Grace’s label maker obsession in Southern Fried Blues).
And here you go – all the other stops on the blog hop today! Make sure you stop by each one and enter!

Happy Valentine’s Week, y’all! ūüôā

* * *

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marcyshuler says February 10, 2015

I love a heroine who is extremely intelligent. For example: Felicia Swift from TWO OF A KIND (Fool’s Gold #11) by Susan Mallery. I also am a big fan of the bluestocking heroines in historical romances: Philippa Marbury from ONE GOOD EARL DESERVES A LOVER (The Rules of Scoundrels #2) by Sarah MacLean.


Ashley Shannon says February 10, 2015

I don’t really have a favorite quirk but I do love it when my husband takes our son fishing. Just the joy on his face makes me smile.
(Ps….a couple of the links aren’t working. Erin Emerson and Theresa Munroe. Don’t know if its just me or what.)

    Ashley Shannon says February 10, 2015

    shannon42013@hotmail.com is my email. Sorry forgot to put it!

Gail Demaree says February 10, 2015

I love when my husband surprises me with flowers for no reason. My email…gaildemaree@att.net

Cheryl Hastings says February 10, 2015

I love a sarcastic heroine…someone who’s sassy and let’s the zinger’s fly…kind of like me ūüôā

Jo Anne V says February 10, 2015

love getting surprises from someone who truly knows what I like – jody.714@hotmail.com

lilacqueen75 says February 10, 2015

My favorite quirk is how thorough and organized my hubby is when planning vacations. I just worry about the food and kids and he takes care of everything else! lilacqueen75@gmail.com

Kristen J. says February 10, 2015

Snark wins me over every time! kris.noellej AT gmail Dot com

Gretchen says February 11, 2015

No fave really. I like many esp sassy. cherry203@hotmail.com

Jessica M says February 12, 2015

I have lots of weird quirks, lol. One of my quirks is that I like to eat while I watch my shows. If I watch my shows and don’t eat or drink something it feels wrong.


Leanne says February 13, 2015

I love a guy who can make me laugh but can take control!! blondie1969@juno.com

bn100 says February 13, 2015

don’t have a fav quirk

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

shadowluvs2read says February 15, 2015

Favorite quirk? I love it when someone laughs and they snort to. Makes me giggle. Especially if i read it about a heroine, makes them see more real and relateable. lol Thank you!

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