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Munchkin Monday!

Show of hands – who stayed up too late watching Super Bowl commercials last night?

Yep. Me too. So this week, you get a bonus Darth Buttercup picture in addition to our Munchkin flashbacks. Ta-DA!


Fairy Princess Darth Vadercup

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And now on to the Munchkin Flashbacks as originally told on my Facebook page three years ago this month when Squeaker was but a toddler and Munchkin knew everything.

There’s nothing like getting prank called by your mother at 2:22 on a Friday afternoon as she prepares to take off with her sisters on a tropical adventure to the tune of “Born to be Wild.”

**Technically not a Munchkinism, but you have to admit, his grandma is pretty darn cool.


Munchkin: “Mommy, Mommy, don’t move. Stay there, don’t move. It’s a bug I have to get for you Mommy.”

A minute later… “Mommy, I can’t reach the tissue to get the bug. Can you come get it for me please?”

And then – “It’s okay, Mommy. I got the bug.”

My little hero.


Munchkin: “I’m a three-year-old grown up.”

Preach it, kid.


I picked Munchkin up for his dentist appointment for his knocked-loose tooth an hour early so I could treat myself to lunch at my favorite restaurant down the street from the dentist. Ordered him red velvet cake (don’t judge – it hurts him to eat hard stuff, and he’d already had lunch at school) and he told anyone who’d listen that he’d think about sharing it with me if I finished all my lunch.

See above quote about being a three-year-old grown up…


Munchkin just walked out of the bathroom, naked from the waist down, blue spiderman shirt on right and a brightly colored pair of superhero briefs on his head. He was clinging to a strand of elastic that had come loose in his briefs, sort of cross-eyed as he’s staring at it, and he said, “Mommy, I need you to cut this string off, but don’t cut off my head.” Took me a minute to stop laughing long enough to snap a picture before beginning the harrowing task of not cutting his head off.

For the record, I have a picture of this. It will be shown at his rehearsal dinner. Because I do motherhood right.


Went to switch on the light in my kitchen and came away with a booger on my finger. It can only go up from here.

And I wish I could say that’s the only time that’s happened…

Here’s hoping y’all have a brilliantly wonderful first week of February!

* * *

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Ruby says February 2, 2015

Munchkin Mommy ,hope you have a great Monday!!

    Jamie Farrell says February 2, 2015

    🙂 Thanks so much, Ruby! You too!!

del227 says February 2, 2015

I love the Munchkinisms 🙂 ~Delene

    Jamie Farrell says February 2, 2015

    🙂 Yay! Thanks for stopping by, Delene!

Amber Tinsley says February 2, 2015

Every since my lovely sister…i do love her…taught my kiddo how to pick his nose I’ve found boogers every where. And I do mean every where. And I totally agree that certain pictures to be shown to future significant others is a total parenting win.

    Jamie Farrell says February 2, 2015

    Amber, I think that I would not be above returning the favor to my sister. 😀

Gretchen says February 4, 2015

Too cute.

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