Jamie’s Top Ten Pet Peeves

So, I try to keep it light and fluffy around here.  But just so y’all know I’m a real person, with more dark side to me than just my save-the-world naked-ninja dreams, today I’m talking pet peeves. And here they are,

The Top Ten Things That Annoy Me

10. Toys in my kitchen.

Yes, Buttercup’s doll is using ground beef as a pillow.


9. Cumin. (Seriously. I hate cumin with the passion of a million jilted Latin lovers.)

8. The cost of babysitters. Twenty years ago, I got paid a dollar an hour per kid. Now, if SuperHubby and I go out to dinner and a movie twice, we’ll be paying a teenager enough to buy an iPod.

7. When social networks turn into one big, never-ending stream of “BUY MY PRODUCT.” (Thank you, Tsu.co, for showing me the value of Facebook’s algorithms which hide promotional posts so I can see what my friends and family are actually up to.)

6. Food particles in my kitchen sink.

5. Dark, angsty, brooding books at the top of the Romantic Comedies bestseller list. Seriously, y’all?! These are funny books? (Side note: Go, Tracy Brogan!!)

Screenshot 2015-01-26 19.39.06
Screen shot taken Monday night


4. The phrase, “Oh, you write books? I’ll bet you make a lot of money.” (Yeah, that’s not awkward at all. Also? Not true for the majority of writers.)

3. Running out of bacon. Or having to share my bacon. Or someone stealing my bacon.

2. When people cheat at Scrabble.

Nugatory? NUGATORY? Seriously. Who knows that word?
Nugatory? NUGATORY? Seriously. Who knows that word?

1. When peanut butter doesn’t cure my hiccups.

The comments are open, folks. Vent away. What are your biggest pet peeves?

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24 thoughts on “Jamie’s Top Ten Pet Peeves”

  1. I think my most biggest pet peeve is when I see toilet paper put on the holder in what I believe to be the wrong way, I’m a over person. Or when someone puts a new roll on top of the holder instead of actually on it. Runners up when order lo mein from a restaurant and they use spaghetti noodles, seriously I’m spending good money on some take out, I want actual lo mein noodles. People who smack their gum or food. Unsolicited parenting advice or people who tell me my parenting decisions are wrong because they go against their beliefs. Those are the top of my list.

  2. I’ve seen other authors have #4 on their lists as well. Dirt under the fingernails, sticky hands, the sound of a nose being blown, the husband eating my leftovers without asking, and not putting a new roll of t p on after its gone. My OCD peeve….a crease in the bed after I’ve just made it. I used to get shaky if I saw it, bow I can just smooth it out.

    1. Ashley, #4 is so common. And I have a whole list of other phrases related to #4, but I’ll save that for another day, lol.

      And YES to the creases in the bed! When we’re putting down fresh sheets, we fight with the cats. Those are MY fresh smooth sheets, not theirs! 🙂 🙂

  3. I also hate food particles in the sink and cleaning out the kitchen drain! I also am an over person on the toilet paper roll. I also can’t stand crooked pictures hanging on the wall and will discreetly straighten them when at someone else’s house.

    My biggest peeve lately is friends/family who think I can fix their virus-ridden personal computers or laptops because I “work with computers.” I am a data network engineer, and I probably can’t fix your computer and no, I am not interested in a help desk job at your company so you can get a bonus.

  4. My biggest pet peeve is a sink full of dishes! It will drive me bonkers if the sink isn’t empty. I think it comes from always having to do the dishes growing up. Our house always had a sink full of dishes and Mom & Dad worked, so being the oldest the dishes was always my chore. Now my dishes are done immediately after a meal and I never wake to a sink full.

  5. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who park crooked, seriously take the time to fix your car so others can park! Yes, I am that person who will take ten minutes to get between the lines! 🙂
    When the boys don’t rinse out their dishes, seriously it takes two seconds to rinse!
    Like LaurieL, I fix crooked pictures in other peoples houses and pretty much anywhere, like waiting rooms!
    My most recent peeve is “are they twins?” Ummm…No, they were having a buy one get one free at the hospital the day I had them and we couldn’t resist!! They are identical people, come on!
    Oh and my other favorite is “you’re married to a soldier? I’m sorry.” Why are you sorry, I’m not, I love my husband and am extremely proud of his career.

  6. I SO HATE scrabble cheaters, and friends who wont finish the game when you are so far ahead. Go to the last measly vowel people! My biggest pet peeve is when I am in my reading zone, hubby is watching TV, and he starts talking. and talking and talking. Yeah, men don’t talk much. Bleh.

  7. Peanut butter cures hiccups?! The cold and early mornings, so if I have to go out in the cold morning there is a lot of complaining. I hate it when I confess to someone that I haven’t done something and they feel the need to ask me the same question again. Example: “OMG! You have never seen this movie? No, it the ten seconds I said I hadn’t seen the movie while you were asking me the same question I just downloaded it to my brain. I’m sorry, but I hate being asked anything more than once. Pushy sales people, especially if they make a comment like “I see your Coach purse, so I’m sure you have the money.” Even though it is a birthday hand-me-down from my mother closet I’ve had for five years but thank you for noticing. The ridiculous questions pregnant women get asked or the comments.

    1. Peanut butter has been curing my hiccups for about 18 years now. It’s failed me twice. And it works for my kids too! I highly recommend it (provided you’re not allergic to peanuts, of course).

      And I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU on the movie thing. LOL And the assumptions people make… Just *sigh*.

  8. I hate calling people and they do not return calls. That is one of my biggest things right now. I hate chewed gum on sidewalks or anywhere else where I have to see it. People who will not let me get a word in. Someone blowing their nose at the dinner table even if I am not at the same table.

  9. Clothes next to, but not in the hamper. I’m happy to do laundry, but I’m not hunting around for it.
    Rob: Did it get washed?
    Me: Was it in the hamper?

  10. Cumin is great. Some dishes aren’t the same without it. Don’t hate on the spice. It’s the dish or chef who did it wrong.

    I want a new iPod! I guess I should start babysitting. But who buys regular old iPods now-a-days? Maybe they’re cheaper than I remember and this isn’t such a good deal afterall.

    As for Scrabble, when was the last time you played IRL? The internet if full of cheaters, but do you know personally anyone that would cheat at a board game to your face?

    I know you’ll get me on this one, but how about unnecessary school closings? What’s up with that!

  11. There are so many … my #1 pet peeve is ignorant ppl. But, I also don’t like toys in the kitchen, ppl who don’t use their blinkers, kids who don’t pick up after themselves, & someone who brings in dirty dishes right after I wash them! Ugh! I could go on & on & on … LOL!

  12. #5 Amazon…and my email is overrun with angst filled books. Hat’s off to the writers, but good grief, enough already. Since 50 Shades it seems like that’s all that’s out there. Also writers that have the female pov, the male pov, the dog’s pov, the mailman’s pov. lol And…seems like every other book out there is part one (free) and a cliffhanger and you have to buy 2 or 3 more books to get the full story. No need to split a book up like that unless you’re writing ummm….50 Shades. lol Really…3 or 4 verrrrrrry short books equal 1 normal size book. Price it and sell it all in one piece. So frustrating to have to remember to go find the end of the book I won’t even download them if it’s part one. No problem with series books, they are complete books. Ahhh, now I feel better. 🙂

  13. Loved reading about your pet peeves, I totally agree with you on the bacon. When I make bacon, nobody better come and try to steal some!!! Drivers who park their car so close to mine that I can’t get in drives me bananas and those who like to drive with their front bumper practically kissing my back bumper should just back off!!! I have a lot more but I’ll save those for another time, thanks for letting me vent! 😀

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