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Whack-a-Doo Wednesday!

If it’s Wednesday, it must be time for me to open up my dream diary and let y’all have a peek at the crazy world in my unconscious head. 🙂 This week, we’re going back in time to the days when Squeaker was just a wee little newborn baby and it was a wonder I had any chance to dream at all. Those dreams of mine really know how to use the time they’re given though. Check it out.

I had this incredibly detailed dream about eating a banana last night, and now I can’t find the last banana in the house. Did I eat it in my sleep, or did SuperHubby take it to work?


I still don’t know the answer to that question.


Had a dream I was showering in my garage with the door open (wearing underwear, thank goodness) while all my neighbors walked by on their way home from church. One stopped to take a second garbage can away, since apparently she used to live at my house, and let her four kids loose with SuperHubby’s tools so I yelled at all of them to get out of my house.

That’s right. I’m the one who yells, “Get off my lawn!” 😀 Y’all can picture that, right?


Passed out hard on my couch and had a dream I was floating across the ocean on a single-person, self-propelled raft that knew to avoid the sea-rescue helicopters that came in as we arrived in a flooded Seattle. Oddly enough, the subway wasn’t flooded (does Seattle even have an underground subway?), and I apparently knew where I was going.

This couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with having a newborn in the house… 🙂


Had a dream a grizzly bear got in the house through an open window after I broke my toilet. Personally, I think that toilet needed to be replaced, because it was ugly yellow and didn’t sit level and had a seat that kept falling apart. Apparently my subconscious agrees, though I’m not going to do anything about it since the toilet doesn’t exist in my real life.

At least, the toilet didn’t exist in that house


I had a dream last night that I had to quarantine six highly contagious washing machines because they were making bad bubbles.

I’m a little disappointed in this last one. The dream I had about the dishwasher when SuperHubby and I were engaged was a much better large appliance dream. (In my dream, I put him inside the dishwasher until he could be a good little leprechaun. Just in case you’re wondering. And yes, I told him about the dream before our wedding, and yet he still married me. The man is a saint, y’all. Except for the part where he steals bananas and lets me think I ate them in my sleep.)

And now I’ll leave you for the day with a link to my favorite funny internet moment from last week--this post about Sixteen Hilarious Things People Have Said In Their Sleep. Have a great day, y’all!

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Ruby Norwood says January 28, 2015

Have a great day Jamie! Hope you find out what happen to the banana!!

    Jamie Farrell says January 28, 2015

    Thanks, Ruby! You too! 🙂 (On the great day part, that is. I sincerely hope you’re not worried about any missing bananas.)

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