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Munchkin vs. His Spelling Words

Every week, Munchkin brings a word list home. He has to choose at least three “learning” activities to do with his words, and a couple of those activities involve using my computer. But in order to earn the privilege of using my computer, he has to prove to me that he knows his words. (I’m evil like that.) So every Monday, I make him spell his words to me.

Except Munchkin is six, which means the concept of standing still is foreign to him. Which led to last week’s impromptu spelling recital.

It started innocently enough. I read him a word. He sang the letters while twirling in a circle, making emphatic hand movements on each letter. But then… we hit the word brave.

“B,” he sang, his arms wide.

Then he twirled. “R!”

“A,” he sang, his little voice getting higher-pitched.

Then he crooned “V!” with a mega-big double twist.

And then… the grand finale.

He turned so that his backside was facing me, bend double, and while he crooned, “EEEEEEE!” he shook his little rump.

With all his might.

Just as SuperHubby walked in the door.

I sent a note to Munchkin’s teacher and suggested that Interpretive Letter Dance now officially be listed as an option for completing word study every week. I’ll let you know if that gets approves.

Have a great day, y’all!

* * *

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Ruby Norwood says January 27, 2015

EEEE that was so cute!! I know how little boys work, My little grandson is the same way and we have just quit spelling words this year. He still has all the other subjects…

Gretchen says January 27, 2015

I so could see him doing that. So cute and funny

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