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Munchkin Monday!

Welcome to a new week, y’all! This week for Munchkin Monday, we’re traveling back three years in time to Squeaker’s early toddler days. Enjoy!

“Mommy, last night, I dreamed there were cars, and there was a lady, and she was pink with purple stripes, and I used my manners to her, and she gave me a car, and Guess. What. It was a GIRL car. And then there was a movie, and then everyone had food in this hand and drink in this hand, and they were eating this food and drinking this and then. And then. And then the lady gave me food, and then the movie started. And the lady was pink with purple stripes.”

I seriously adore that this kid still tells me his dreams at least once a week. I hope he’s still calling me to tell me when he’s sixty-five.


Does “uh-oh” count as a first word? Because if so, Squeaker has it down.

*Sniff, sniff* Now he has many, many words down.


Munchkin: “Daddy, we should go get me a donut so I can eat it later. Is that a good plan?”

Squeaker: “Nuh-uh.”

They still disagree, but never about donuts anymore.


How to entertain children: “Munchkin, let’s clean out the dryer vents while Squeaker’s sleeping.”

Munchkin: “YAY!! Can I help? I want to do it!”

Far be it from me to discourage this kind of behavior. 🙂


Tonight, Munchkin dipped his green beans in ketchup. And that’s the least gross thing he’s done.

Life with boys, y’all.


Bath time tonight started with Munchkin saying, “Look, mommy, yellow water!” in a (thank heavens) closed bath cup, and has now progressed to wet washcloths over his face while he grunts, “I’m Spiderman.”


Some things still haven’t changed. 🙂 I swear Squeaker did this just last week.


And last but not least, a classic SuperHubby gem:

Me: “I had a dream we had a baby last night.”

SuperHubby: “Was the baby human?”

Fair question…


Have a great week, y’all!

* * *

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Gretchen says January 26, 2015

Way too cute and funny

Amber Tinsley says January 26, 2015

With dreams like that, there is no denying he is yours lol.

    Jamie Farrell says January 26, 2015

    So true, Amber. So true. LOL

Virginia Moreland says January 26, 2015

Donuts are ALWAYS a good plan. Just sayin’…..

    Jamie Farrell says January 26, 2015

    Unless they’re done in a car. 😀

    Jamie Farrell says January 26, 2015

    But, yeah, I’ll give you that Squeaker was wrong there. LOL

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