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Tracy March Winner and a Sunday Snippet!!

Yay! I love that Sundays mean winners around here. 🙂 Hope y’all enjoy that too! And I have your winner… but first, a little snippet from my novella in the Snowy Days, Steamy Nights anthology!

Smittened, A Misfit Brides of Bliss Novella by Jamie Farrell

From Smittened:

“You get dinner?” Mikey asked.

A little gruffly, but still.

He’d asked.

“I’m fine,” Dahlia said.

He snorted again. “Right.”

That did it. She pushed to her feet and hit the light. He squinted. She did too, but she also poked a finger in his direction. “I am fine,” she said. “I might be an idiot when it comes to men, but I’m fine, and you looking down your pointy, warty nose at me won’t change that.”

He touched the tip of his smeller. “Warty?”

Snowy Days Steamy Nights Anthology She wished. And it wasn’t pointy either. It was actually a very nice nose. Straight. Distinguished. With a small scar on the bridge that she’d noticed while he was in The Milked Duck earlier. “I was speaking metaphorically. And you know what else? When I do have relationships with men, I don’t simply eat them like candy. I take the time to get to know them. To savor them. To appreciate them. Because they’re human beings, and all human beings deserve respect.”

His Adam’s apple bobbed, and his gray eyes had gone dark. “Even the ones who go and steal all your money?” he said.

“They don’t steal. I give it to them. Because people are priceless. Money’s just paper.”

“Necessary paper.”

“I make do. You use having it as an excuse to be a man-whore.”

His eyes went darker and his cheek twitched. “For the record,” he said smoothly, “I was a man-whore before I made it big.”

* * *

You can find the rest of the story in the Snowy Day, Steamy Nights anthology (with stories also from Katy Regnery, Jennie Marts, Kate Forest, Veronica Forand, and Susan Scott Shelley), available now!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks


Tracy March The Practice Proposal Entangled BlissCongratulations to MrsMac19!! She’s won a copy of Tracy March‘s The Practice Proposal! (And I wish I could send a dairy-free chocolate pie to go with it!) MrsMac19, send me an email at jamie @ jamiefarrellbooks . com (no spaces), and I’ll get you set up with your prize!

Make sure y’all check out Tracy’s books too! They’re such great, light reads. 🙂

Tracy’s website | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Google Play

And tune in tomorrow – more Munchkin Mondays, coming up!

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