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Munchkin Monday!

Munchkin Monday is back! This week, we’re revisiting the days when Muchkin was about three and a half. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Last night the Munchkin dreamed he was flying over our house in a bouncy house with three Lucky Bears. All I dreamed about was school.

The dreams are strong in this one too.



Munchkin just walked in, wearing only his overnight diaper, and said, “Mama, you need to check the poo. Is it still there?” Took me a minute to realize he thought the diaper with Pooh on it worked the same as his pull-ups with the designs that disappear when they get wet.

And we are about to move into this phase with Squeaker.


Munchkin:”I think I want to name my puppy Crotchie.”

Me (while thinking, what puppy?):”Crotchie? Who taught you that name?”

Munchkin:”Um, I think Grandma just wrote it to me in a note.”

Such talent in throwing someone under the bus, and at such a young age too…



Today, I pulled a baby washcloth out of my shorts, and Munchkin sat at lunch hoisting his pointer finger in the air and shrieking, “Crisco!” He claims his teacher taught him that. We’re slightly concerned.

Thankfully, that one was short-lived.



Poor Munchkin. He listened in on a conversation with the neighbor about men listening to their wives about directions, then was informed, “Munchkin, when you grow up and get married, always listen to your wife. She’ll always be right.” (Train ’em young, right?) Fast forward to bedtime… “Daddy, you have to drink your beer when your wife tells you to.”

SuperHubby had no objections to this line of thinking. 🙂

Wishing you all a lovely week!

* * *

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