Whack-a-Doo Wednesday - The Brad Pitt Edition - Jamie Farrell

Whack-a-Doo Wednesday – The Brad Pitt Edition

Welcome back to Whack-a-Doo Wednesday, my weekly foray into giving you all way too much insight into the inner workings of my brains by sharing bits of my dream diary. This week is devoted to Brad Pitt. Because apparently I’ve dreamt about him a time or two.

My first recorded dream about Brad, which happened in 2009 (AFTER he split from Jen, for the record):

I spent the better part of this morning with Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt, which was only slightly awkward, and then I went diving off a boat for treasure with Brad, who wanted to play a prank on George. Then I wanted to ninja-chop the Detroit airport, because it was so confusing I couldn’t find my plane to get to Europe to visit SuperHubby.

I don’t think SuperHubby was in Europe then. Just in case you were wondering.


Last night I dreamed my military/undergrad dentist was Brad Pitt. Not the best dentist I ever had, but I got to spend an hour or so talking to Brad Pitt.

Um… yeah.


I dreamed about Brad Pitt again last night. Jennifer Aniston had a yard sale to get rid of their stuff. I was thinking about buying some of it while I sat next to Brad in the theater, and when they announced making out was okay while we waited for the movie to start, SuperHubby and I got excited. Then Brad turned into Jack Nicholson.

I really don’t entirely understand the Brad Pitt thing, because in all honesty, I was on Team Jen. Which might explain the Jack Nicholson transformation. But not why I keep dreaming about Brad.


In last night’s dream, Chris O’Donnell was my boyfriend and we were on a road trip with LL Cool J. Um, you think maybe I’ve been watching too much NCIS LA? :). In my dream, they were both published authors and I was trying to be cool about Chris’s pen name being Brad Pitt.

More about my dreams about Chris O’Donnell to follow at a later date. I’m still on Team Chris.


In last night’s dream I was a secret agent with a Brad Pitt look-alike partner. I was so super-secret, I wasn’t allowed to know my own assignments, and one of them was to eliminate a fellow secret agent by breaking a vial of evaporating death potion in front of her. (No, I don’t know how I knew that.) Then I was on a train. Then SuperHubby and I had to break a green card fraud bank ring.

One day I’ll figure out why I dream about trains so much.


I had a weird Alice in wonderland sort of dream. It involved running through arches, hiding from the bad guys, and a red wooden pineapple with the power to transform me from a mouse back to my normal form. Also, I was married to Brad Pitt, and everyone kept asking him to marry them.

Of course, right?

And I think we can all agree that’s enough of a look into my subconscious for one day. Have a great one, y’all!

* * *

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Gretchen says January 14, 2015

Love it. That just cracks me up

    Jamie Farrell says January 14, 2015


Sandy Bartles says January 14, 2015

Good thing you didn’t break that vial of evaporating death potion. It would probably have killed you too! I loved reading about these dreams. I wish I had thought to write mine down through the years.

    Jamie Farrell says January 14, 2015

    I know! That evaporating death potion was scary! 🙂
    Never too late to start writing them down, Sandy! My dream diary sort of started by accident, but it’s so fun to look back over it. 🙂

      Sandy Bartles says January 14, 2015

      I need to start leaving a tablet by my bed so I won’t forget! I have some doozies!

        Jamie Farrell says January 14, 2015

        I love the doozies!! Our minds are such interesting places when we let them go, aren’t they?

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