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Munchkin Monday

Hey, y’all! Jamie here with a few blasts from the past from my little ones to brighten your day, as first reported on my Facebook page. Today, we’re taking a trip back to the days when Munchkin was three and Squeaker was but a wee little baby who hadn’t yet learned the art of speaking or defending himself.

“Munchkin, we don’t crack eggs on our brother’s head.”

Four years later, and he still hasn’t learned…


“Mommy, you can’t grind coffee because you can only grind coffee to be a boy.”

I’m waiting for him to say this to Buttercup.


Munchkin wants waffles for breakfast.

Me: “How do you cook them, Munchkin?”

Munchkin: “You don’t cook waffles. You put them in the thingy-my-bobble and put the lid down and then POP!” (Munchkin jumps up in the air.) “The waffles are done.”

And now I want waffles. Popping waffles, for the record.


Munchkin just started his birthday morning by slamming his orange juice cup down and cussing in french. Thanks, SuperHubby. 🙂

Now they’re all conspiring to learn to cuss in Spanish and Chinese too.


And my favorite of the day…

SuperHubby: “Here, take my plate to the sink, woman.” I give him one of those “very funny,” looks, but start reaching for his plate. Then Munchkin jumps in. “Take my plate to the sink, woman.” I’m now hiding in my bedroom, laughing my rear off while SuperHubby explains to Munchkin that Daddy was wrong.

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Hope y’all have a great week!

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Tonia Stricker says January 12, 2015

the munchkin mondays are so funny! The last one cracked me and my hubby up!! lol

    Jamie Farrell says January 13, 2015

    Tonia, it made my hubby laugh too, but I think his was more of a ‘Right… I need to make sure I remember that lesson’ awkward kind of laugh. 😀

Gretchen says January 13, 2015

too cute and way funny. Love the last one esp

    Jamie Farrell says January 14, 2015

    🙂 Thanks, Gretchen!

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