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Munchkin Mondays!

Welcome to Munchkin Mondays! In an effort to bring a smile to the beginning of the work week, I’m dedicating Mondays in 2015 to stories of my children’s antics. This week, we’re going way, way back to the days when Munchkin was one, an only child, and re-visiting some of my favorite Facebook posts about him. Enjoy!


Munchkin just taught himself why it’s a bad idea to push the button on the carbon monoxide detector.


Today’s phrase: “Honey, we don’t eat with clothespins.”


Me: “I love you.”

Munchkin: “Yep.”

Me: “Do you love me?”

Munchkin: “Nope.”


I went to get Munchkin out of timeout, where he was screaming his lungs out. I walked in, he stopped crying. I asked if maybe, just maybe, we could put on our happy faces for the rest of the afternoon. He nodded and said, “Yep!” So I said, “Where’s your happy face?” and he pointed at his door and said, “Out there.”

And from our first summer in Florida:

“A bath will be a great way to keep him occupied,” she thought. “No sunscreen necessary. Maybe I can sit in the bathroom with him and read for a while.”
And then he handed me his turd.

Hope y’all have a great week!

* * *

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Amber Tinsley says January 6, 2015

And then he handed me his turd…your kiddos are fantastic.

    Jamie Farrell says January 6, 2015

    I enjoy that story much more today than I did at the time, lol. 🙂

Gretchen says January 7, 2015

Those are so classic. funny

    Jamie Farrell says January 7, 2015

    <3 It's so fun to look back and realize just how funny they've always been, lol.

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