Jamie’s Top Ten Pet Peeves

Yes, Buttercup’s doll is using ground beef as a pillow.

So, I try to keep it light and fluffy around here.  But just so y’all know I’m a real person, with more dark side to me than just my save-the-world naked-ninja dreams, today I’m talking pet peeves. And here they are,

The Top Ten Things That Annoy Me

10. Toys in my kitchen.

9. Cumin. (Seriously. I hate cumin Read more >

Whack-a-Doo Wednesday!

If it’s Wednesday, it must be time for me to open up my dream diary and let y’all have a peek at the crazy world in my unconscious head. 🙂 This week, we’re going back in time to the days when Squeaker was just a wee little newborn baby and it was a wonder I had any chance to dream Read more >

Munchkin Monday!

Welcome to a new week, y’all! This week for Munchkin Monday, we’re traveling back three years in time to Squeaker’s early toddler days. Enjoy!

“Mommy, last night, I dreamed there were cars, and there was a lady, and she was pink with purple stripes, and I used my manners to Read more >

Whack-a-Doo Wednesday!

Welcome to Wednesday, where this year, it’s tradition for me to embarrass myself by sharing bits of my dream diary. This week, we’re traveling back in time to the summer of 2012, when I was pregnant with Buttercup.

Last night I dreamed I was in a really bad space TV show where the ship Read more >

Munchkin Monday!

Munchkin Monday is back! This week, we’re revisiting the days when Muchkin was about three and a half. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Last night the Munchkin dreamed he was flying over our house in a bouncy house with three Lucky Bears. All I dreamed about was school.

The dreams are strong in this one Read more >