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Jamie’s Top Ten Moments of 2014

Once again, I find myself uttering the phrase, “Where has this year gone?!” And so once again, I’m mulling over the highlights of the last year. And so I’ve come up with a few that stood out. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


10. I drove two children and two cats 600 miles by myself, spent a month “homeless,” and then another month with my parents, and then drove three children another 600 miles all by myself, as we moved from Alabama to DC and visited a lot of family in the meantime. And my kids were really funny. Oh, and I launched a book in there too. 🙂

9. I wrote this post for Jeannie Moon‘s blog about my love of bacon.

8. Southern Fried Blues hit the top 100 overall lists on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Screenshot 2014-10-14 04.20.05

7. SuperHubby got me a grain mill for our anniversary. While this might sound weird, it really was a super huge highlight. Especially since I’ve now mastered the art of chocolate chip cookies made with fresh pastry flour.

6. I accidentally posted the shadow of a penis on Facebook.

(My friendship with Wendy S. Marcus was solidified that day.)

5. I wrote a novella in 19 days. (It comes out in two days!!)

4. I was with my mom when she lost her shoe off a cable car.

3. Southern Fried Blues was named a finalist for both the National Readers’ Choice Awards and the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Awards.

2. The Husband Games got a starred review in Publishers Weekly.

1. I got my Feliz Navidad on with my pals Selena Laurence, Sharla Lovelace, and Shauna Allen. (And three cheers for new friends in 2014!)


And there were many, many more wonderful moments in 2014, but these are just a few of my favorites. I hope you’ve had a wonderful year too, and that 2015 is even better!

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Gail Demaree says January 2, 2015

Wow! You accomplished a lot in 2014! I also wonder where the year went. Time goes by too fast.

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