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Jamie’s Sister vs. The Goose

10678721_914127175283469_9189174068575115157_n-2As part of our girls’ weekend in San Francisco, my sisters and mom and I went on a couple winery tours. My baby sister, like CJ Blue’s baby sister in Blissed, is technically a little older than just barely legal to drink, but she’s still my baby sister. And while we were standing in the tasting room of the Whitehall Lane Winery, she suddenly squealed and jumped like a girl who’d accidentally touched a cattle prod.

I gaped at my mom. So did baby sister. Because, seriously–our mom is cool and all, but goosing one of us? That’s just so unlike her!

And then Mom had the nerve to glare at me. “Jamie! Don’t do that to your sister!”

Like I was the one who had goosed my baby sister. Just because I wrote about a goosing grandma in Blissed (and who may make an appearance in Matched), suddenly I’m responsible for all the goosing that goes on in the family.

But Mom looked genuinely upset with me.

And that’s when it all because crystal clear.

It’s always the middle child, y’all.

My other sister, the middle child, was standing there on the other side, giggling and snickering, because she’d just nearly pulled off the perfect goosing.

I pointed at her. “Not me,” I said.

And the guilty hilarity of her laugh gave her away.

So we were driving home a few hours later, talking about good times, when my baby sister poked me. “I still can’t believe you goosed me,” she said.

And she was completely serious.

Because they had all forgotten who the gooser is in the family.

I will have my payback, y’all. One day, I will have my payback. 😉

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Amber Tinsley says September 18, 2014

Haha…I always tell my sister “You won’t know when and you won’t know how, but I will get you back…and remember I know where you sleep” it keeps her in line some of the time lol.

Gretchen says September 19, 2014

too funny

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