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My Mom vs. The Cable Car

Jamie Farrell with Mom and SisterMy mom and sisters and I recently went to San Francisco for our first ever girls’ weekend. And it started in true family tradition.

We broke a cable car.

Okay, it was broken before we got to it, but we did watch it get repaired before we were allowed to board. They had to replace the cable grabber doohickey.

So we got on the cable car (my first time ever!!), and it started going, and all was well.

Then my mom decided she needed a picture of herself standing up on the cable car, being a standee if you will, and so my sister obliged, snapping the pic while we were at a stop light.

And then the car moved.

And Mom moved too, lunging to sit down, because, well, coordination doesn’t exactly run in our genes.

Which is why suddenly Mom was in the moving cable car, but her shoe wasn’t.

Broken Down Trolley CarBecause her sandal fell off. Right off her foot into the street. And my poor mom–she stood there, staring at it disappearing behind the cable car, shrieking, “My shoe!! My shoe!! My shoe fell off!”

She couldn’t jump off the cable car and run after it. For one, we all sort of lack the coordination gene, and while movie stars look fabulous doing it, us normal Midwestern girls would probably end up with asphalt burns and sprained ankles. For two, well… she only had one shoe on!

But remember how the cable car was broken when we first got to the cable car stop? And how the crew had to fix it?

Well, the crew was following us. Which could have caused some worry–maybe they thought the cable car would break again?–but the very nice men stopped and picked up my mom’s shoe.

She was waving madly at them, so they smiled and nodded to her, climbed back in their truck, and then chased us down for three blocks.


My mom has a prince charming, and he works for the San Francisco cable car maintenance crew. (Don’t tell my dad, okay?)

Mom got her shoe back, my sisters and I get to tease her about losing it for the next few years, and all ended well. Super big high five to the cable car maintenance guys! Y’all rock!! 🙂

* * *

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