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A Year of Happy Mondays, The Random Edition

Happy Monday, y’all! It’s been a crazy last week for me – traveling, sick kids, general clumsiness, etc. – and I’m so glad to be getting back into my normal routine! But I haven’t had time to prep a general theme this week, so instead, you’re getting ten random things that make me smile. 🙂 Hope they make you smile too!!

10. Buttercup recently stole my broom, set it diagonally across the living room floor, positioned a paper bag just right off to the side, stripped her clothes off, and then ran in circles chanting one-year-old voodoo witchcraft chants. The next day it rained.

9. When Munchkin was three, he told his favorite teddy bear that he was going to “f***” him up. (He learned that from one of his classmates at daycare – true story.) SuperHubby and I shared a glance, and then I dove behind a row of cabinets so that SuperHubby would get to have the “There are some words that three-year-olds should not use” talk with Munchkin.

8. I ate the back side of this turtle.

photo 1

7. Bacon and egg socks. Seriously, y’all. This world rocks.

photo 1

6. I just discovered that my baby sister is afraid of elevators because she thinks they’re all haunted. (Okay, she doesn’t really think they’re all haunted. But that makes a much better story than why she’s really afraid of elevators.)

5. If you work at a winery and see four women in matching shirts come in and ask for a tour, the proper response is “My co-worker would be glad to help you!” Because… well… you know what? How about I tell you why in another blog post later this week?

4. I still don’t know what these balloons were supposed to represent. It’s either mating octopi or superhero kapows. Because that makes total sense, y’all.

photo 5

3. I took a selfie with Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold cable car in San Francisco.


2. My boys are supposed to be napping in two separate rooms as I’m writing this, and instead they’re singing “Ten Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed” in unison. Except Squeaker thinks it’s supposed to be “No More Monkeys Jumping On The Ceiling.” And turns out, Squeaker snuck into Munchkin’s room and was riding him like a horsey.

1. Squeaker built this all by himself.

photo 2

Hope y’all have a fabulous Monday! 🙂

* * *

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Shelly Rogers says September 15, 2014

I loved the selfie of Susan Mallery’s cable car! 🙂

    Jamie Farrell says September 15, 2014

    Thanks, Shelly! 🙂 My mom and sisters thought I was totally weird. (Apparently they don’t read enough, lol.)

Angela M. says September 15, 2014

I want to know why your baby sister is afraid of elevators now.

    Jamie Farrell says September 15, 2014

    She apparently got stuck in one once, Angela.

Jill says September 15, 2014

I think if 4 women in matching shirts come in for a wine tour, the only reason they want to tell us to wait for their co-worker is because they don’t think it’s fair that they get to have all the fun!

    Jamie Farrell says September 16, 2014

    He did have fun for most of our tour, didn’t he, Jill? 🙂 I’m totally outing the awkward part later this week though, lol.

marcyshuler says September 15, 2014

Your posts always crack me up, Jamie! I bet the turtle butt tasted good, too. LOL

When my oldest was just starting to talk he watched his dad change a light bulb. The next day when I turned on that light he pointed and said to me, ‘daddy fix light’, but his ‘fix’ came out sounding really close to focks. I almost lost it. When hubby came home I told my little guy to go tell daddy to ‘fix’ mommy. *blink*snicker*blink* It was so worth it to see the look on hubby’s face. 😀

    Jamie Farrell says September 16, 2014

    LOL, Marcy!!! That’s absolutely priceless! 🙂

Gretchen says September 16, 2014

awesome fun

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