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Ten Things About Blissed

Blissed1800x2700Because it’s Wednesday, and because I like Top Ten lists, and because I like Blissed, today I’m sharing with you ten little things you might not know about the book and the Most Married-est Town on Earth!

10. Natalie was originally named Tabitha

9. Initially, Bliss had a wedding dress statue at one end of town in addition to the wedding cake statue that sits at the edge of The Aisle (aka, Main Street), but I decided that was overkill.

8. CJ’s mother and her five sisters are all named after purple flowers. (Violet, Heather, Lavender, Lilac, Wisteria (Wisty for short) and Orchid.) His father’s name is Herb.

7. I don’t know who won the first Husband Games. (But I do know how they came to be. The Queen General and Natalie’s mom were little kids when it started.)

6. In the first draft, Natalie’s family owned a flower shop.

5. SuperHubby sometimes worries about the prevalence of divorced women (and divorce lawyers) in my books.

4. It took approximately two years and fourteen drafts for me to write Blissed.

3. The country club was originally called The Bells (and the married couple who manage the country club wore matching T-shirts that said, “I Like Big Bells” for the Husband Games), but when I asked my fans on Facebook for help naming the rival bridal boutiques, they picked La Belle Bridal, and instead of having confusion, I asked Facebook for help naming the country club. It’s now The Rose and Dove.

2. Initially, CJ had ten sisters and two brothers (both priests), but one of his priest brothers didn’t serve much purpose, so Father Reggie (short for Oregano) became Tarra (short for Tarragon), CJ’s third-oldest sister.

1. I wanted to have something similar to a chamber of commerce in Bliss, but I wanted it to be exclusive for the bridal retailers. I couldn’t think of a good name, so I said to SuperHubby, “Can you think of a really great name with a good acronym for a Bridal Retailers’ Association?” And then I realized I’d just solved my problem.

And there you have it! Ten little bonuses about BlissedHave you read it yet? Who or what are you curious about? 🙂 Have a great Wednesday!!

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Amber Tinsley says September 3, 2014

These are fantastic. I’m glad you made the changes you did, The Husband Games turned out superb.

    Jamie Farrell says September 4, 2014

    Aww, thanks, Amber!! I’m totally blushing. 🙂

Gretchen says September 3, 2014


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