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Ten Things That Make Jackson Davis Happy

Southern_Fried_Blues1800x2700Hey, y’all. Jackson Davis here. Seeing as I got the day off work, and Anna Graces snoring–ah, I mean, Radish‘s snoring woke me up early, I got a couple minutes to pop over and tell you about a few of my favorite things. Hope y’all don’t mind.

Ten Things That Put A Smile on My Face (by Jackson Davis)

10. My sister Louisa. (Now, y’all, don’t go groaning. She’s a right fun sport when I get her all riled up ’bout them Auburn Tigers of hers and my Alabama Tide. And whenever she’s fixin’ to be annoying, I just remember that there time Anna Grace smacked her in the kisser with a trout. Makes me grin every time.)

9. Hunting season. (Reckon I won’t be going quite so many weekends this year though. Got something better to do than spending two whole days by my lonesome.)

8. All of Jamie’s fans and friends here on her blog and over there on the Facebooks. (Y’all are mighty kind to this old boy. Much obliged, ma’ams.)

7. Sweet potato pie. (‘Specially when my Anna Grace makes it–but don’t tell my momma I said that.)

Sweet Potato Pie

6. The Air Force. Couldn’t be prouder to serve my country.

5. Redneck golf. Been playing a lot of it this year. I’m fixin’ to make a set for the living room to keep my skills up during the cold months, but I don’t reckon I better be inviting Kaci over. She might break Enrique.

4. Enrique. (Always know I’m in trouble with Anna Grace when my bronze armadillo turns up in unexpected places. And Anna Grace and Louisa–those two have been plotting to get him some girly clothes. I might could have to hide him myself to save his dignity one of these days.)

3. Mamie and her girls. Those ladies know how to flatter a man. And I reckon I can confess an appreciation for Mae Daniels romances too. Ain’t a secret. 😉

2. Radish. She’s a sweet ol’ pup. Man couldn’t ask for a better best friend. Unless she’s…

1. My Anna Grace. Because there ain’t a more perfect fit for me in the world.

Y’all enjoy this here Labor Day. Jamie says she’ll be back tomorrow to talk about monthly winners and those crazy kids of hers.

* * *

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Amy R says September 2, 2014

Thanks for stepping in today, Jackson! I love it when Jamie’s characters are on her blog. 🙂

Gretchen says September 2, 2014


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