The Ultimate Guide to Scrambled Pancakes - Jamie Farrell

The Ultimate Guide to Scrambled Pancakes

Last Friday, SuperHubby was running late for dinner, and I actually didn’t have a clue what I was going to feed the family for dinner anyway, and so I resorted to a popular last-minute dinner option: breakfast for dinner! And then SuperHubby and I would order Indian food later for ourselves, because A) Friday night, and B) YUM.

I had some bananas and blueberries laying around, so I googled “banana blueberry pancakes.” Then I can claim the pancakes are health food. The first recipe I clicked on called for what flour and only two tablespoons of sugar, so I was feeling pretty good. I mean, here I was, about to feed my children healthy pancakes. Total Mom win, right?

And I only had to make a little substation here or there for items I didn’t have in my cupboard, but they were equally nutritious, so all was good. I mixed everything up, heated my pan, melted some butter (I might feed them healthy, but I’m not cruel enough to deprive them of butter), and poured in the batter.

And then this happened.

That’s right, y’all.

I invented scrambled pancakes. Seriously, does a Friday night get any better than this?! 🙂 My children ate Every. Last. Bit. There was plate-lickage going on. Seriously.

Want to make your own scrambled pancakes?

You’re in luck. I saved the modified recipe.


1 cup ground oatmeal

1/2 cup flour

2 tablespoons sugar

2 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

1 egg

3 ripe bananas, smushed

1 1/4 cups milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

a whole bunch of blueberries


Heat pancake griddle or skillet. Combine all dry ingredients. In separate bowl, mix egg, bananas, milk, and vanilla.

Stir wet mixture into dry mixture until it’s moistened.

Grease or butter your skillet (but not too generously, or else you might not get the scrambled effect). Pour batter onto hot skillet in 1/4-cup increments, then sprinkled with as many blueberries as you’d like.

When it’s time to flip the pancakes (which will be when they’re a little bubbly on top and slightly dry around the edges), break pancakes instead of flipping them. (This works best if you can simulate accidental pancake breakage, and if the oatmeal hasn’t entirely soaked up the liquid yet.) Gape at the mess a little. Eyeball your children. Shout, ‘Scrambled pancakes for dinner!” and listen to the cheers.

**Warning: The later pancakes may actually stick together in pancake form. To prevent this, use two skillets simultaneously so that your oatmeal doesn’t have time to absorb the liquid.

And there you have it. How to be a Scrambled Pancake Superstar.

Have an awesome Thursday, y’all!

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