The Husband Games Deleted Scenes - Kimmie, Fortune Cookies, Fifty Shades, and CJ-Bot Version Two - Jamie Farrell

The Husband Games Deleted Scenes – Kimmie, Fortune Cookies, Fifty Shades, and CJ-Bot Version Two


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And on to the deleted scenes!

Jamie Farrell The Husband Games Misfit Brides of Bliss Book One, a fun small-town contemporary wedding novelHave I mentioned my writing process? It goes something like this:

1. Have an idea.

2. Think on that idea for 6 months to a year because I’m currently writing another story that I need to finish.

3. Finally get a chance to write that idea. Write 70,000 words. (This is approximately a 250 to 300-page novel.)

4. Realize at least one character’s motivation is all wrong (and probably more like five characters’ motivations and backstory are all wrong), that I have fourteen too many characters, and that the scenes need to be rearranged in order.

5. Write the story over again from scratch. Write 110,000 new words.

6. Revise. Add a couple scenes.

7. Revise again. Add a couple more scenes, delete a few others.

8. Repeat.

9. Send the book to my critique partners.

10. Rewrite and revise again.

11. Repeat 9 & 10.

12. Finally get it right.

13. Realize I have a 95,000-word novel that it took me 300,000 words to write.

And that pretty much sums it up. (And hopefully explains why Lindsey’s story won’t be out until sometime in 2015.) But what it also means is that when a book finally comes out, I have a little file full of deleted scenes. And so today, because a deleted scene is a terrible thing to waste, and because my Feisty Belles requested it, I’m giving you two deleted scenes!

And by deleted scenes, in this case I mean scene extensions. 🙂 The following two snippets with Natalie, Lindsey, and Kimmie were both originally in the scene at Suckers (the local anti-wedding-establishment bar in the Most Married-est Town on Earth) about halfway into The Husband Games, but were cut in the interest of not dragging down an already long scene, and I’m pretty sure they’re spoiler-free. Hope you enjoy!

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And now I present Snippet The First, in which Lindsey has just suggested they have a man-free night at Suckers:

“Man-free. Sure. What about him?” Natalie nodded toward CJ, who was flirting with the half-dozen temporary Mrs. Blue contestants again. Dammit. “Because we’re going to need more drinks, which means we’ll have to ask him.”

Which meant Natalie would have to hold back on ogling him. Keep it to herself that she couldn’t stop herself from wanting to finish what they shouldn’t have started last week.

“We’ll pretend he’s a serving robot,” Kimmie said.

Lindsey nodded. “Fully equipped with drink-making software.”

“And a nice butt,” Kimmie added.

Natalie didn’t mean to look. She didn’t have to look. Not only did she vividly remembered just how well he filled out his jeans, she remembered just how well he’d felt in her hands.

But she still looked at the way his jeans hugged the curve of his ass, and couldn’t help the sigh that went with the thought that his was still the nicest butt in Bliss.

Natalie tore her gaze away from CJ and turned a glare on Kimmie.

“What?” Kimmie said. “If I had a male serving robot, I’d totally give him a hot butt. And I’d program him to say things like That’s the most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen and Of course your dreams are normal, I live to hear about them.”

“She really is a genius,” Lindsey said. “A twisted genius, but still a genius.”

Natalie shook her head. “If you say so. Can it be programmed with some kind of psychic abilities? I haven’t had dinner.”

“We’ll have to work on that for CJ-bot version two,” Kimmie said.

* * *

And Snippet The Second, in which Kimmie shares her thoughts on fortune cookies and Fifty Shades:

“Those things are creepy,” Kimmie said.

“Fortune cookies are creepy now?” Natalie said.

“I told you about the epicenter thing, remember? Yeah. That’s creepy. They’re not even sentient beings, and they know more about my life than I do.”

“They’re generic. They apply to practically everyone. That’s why they get it so right.”

Kimmie’s lips flattened. “Most people’s fortune cookies are generic. Mine say epicenter. And things like, What’s popular now will haunt you tomorrow. A day later, I finally started that book—you know which one I’m talking about—and suddenly, I’m dreaming about being tied up by a dragon-frog with six talons who wants to do things to me that even I won’t say out loud.” She shuddered. “It took me a week to trust myself to sleep again after that one.”

“I had some pretty crazy dreams after I read that book too,” Lindsey said. She wiggled her eyebrows. “Got a few ideas too. How about you, Nat?”

“Haven’t read it.”

“Seriously?” Kimmie said.

“I’m a single mother with no sex life. I don’t read books that will remind me of that fact.” Because sneaking a few chapters of Outlander here and there was so much better for her.

She glanced at CJ again, one hundred percent virile male, one hundred percent decent guy, and she sighed.

She really wouldn’t have minded having a sex life.

* * *

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Robin Driscoll says August 15, 2014

Wow. Loved the excerpts. Never thought that books had deleted scenes that got kept. Cool.

Amber Tinsley says August 15, 2014

I cannot wait for Lindseys story, but I’m without a doubt looking forward to more Kimmie!

Kathleen Giannone says August 15, 2014

I enjoyed the deleted scenes. I’m looking forward to reading The Husband Games & seeing right where they fit in.

LaurieL says August 15, 2014

Yikes. Kimmie reminds me an awful lot of one of my friends. Thanks for the deleted scenes! I just bought The Husband Games today and it has just moved up in my TBR file, uh, book.

Joye says August 15, 2014

Enjoyed reading your comments. I often wondered how authors arrive at how many characters to feature. In series books, it seems that more characters are introduced or mentioned and then they get their own story. How many do you think is good?

    Jamie Farrell says August 15, 2014

    Joye, that’s a tough question! I think a lot of it comes down to how many characters each book can support (there comes a point when you can’t put every previous hero and heroine in!), and also how many unique stories can be told in the same world. 🙂

Gretchen says August 15, 2014


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