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Happy First Birth-iversary, Southern Fried Blues!

First Birth-iversary 1

I'm feeling all sappy and sentimental today. Because one year ago, my first book came out into the world. And it's been one heck of an awesome year for Southern Fried Blues.

When Mr. Read more >

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The Husband Games Deleted Scene – CJ Gets Hired at Suckers

It’s Thursday, and my kids are nearing the end of the Summer Vacation That Never Ends, and I’m making steady progress on the second draft of The Battle of the Boyfriends. So I’m feeling like sharing a deleted scene from  Read more >

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Squeaker vs. The Cauliflower


We were at dinner the other night, eating hamburgers and cauliflower, when Squeaker announced, “I'm putting ketchup on my broccoli.”

“Cauliflower, honey,” I said.

He grinned a pure red-headed Squeaker grin. “I'm putting cauliflower on my broccoli.”

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Munchkin vs. His Toothbrush

Tooth Guy 2

Munchkin has an electric toothbrush. And most days, I remember to tell him to brush his teeth. And some days, while he’s brushing his teeth, he makes weird noises to coincide with the electric noises of the toothbrush. And Squeaker makes electric toothbrush noises while he’s brushing Read more >

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A Year of Happy Mondays – The Buttercup Edition

Yes, it's a repeat picture. But she's so stinking cute!

Yes, it's a repeat picture. But she's so stinking cute!

Buttercup is in the middle of her second year of life, which means she's doing more and more funny things. And so today, your ten Monday smiles are ten things Buttercup has mastered. Enjoy!


10. Stripping naked

9. And climbing the steps

8. While shrieking, “Poopy dap-dap!” (translation: Read more >

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Happy Summer Friday!

It's Fun Song Friday! Brad Paisley. Happy sigh.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

In August, I’m giving one blog commenter a signed copy of one of my books! To enter, comment on any blog that I post this month. The more blogs you comment on, the more chances you have to win! Limit Read more >

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The Ultimate Guide to Scrambled Pancakes

Last Friday, SuperHubby was running late for dinner, and I actually didn’t have a clue what I was going to feed the family for dinner anyway, and so I resorted to a popular last-minute dinner option: breakfast for dinner! And then SuperHubby and I would order Indian food later for ourselves, Read more >

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Wowser Wednesday


I asked the Feisty Belles for help finding a picture of Jackson Davis, my hero in Southern Fried Blues.

And this is what they found me.


And I can agree with that. 🙂

Have you read Southern Fried Blues yet? It's a good time, I promise. 😉

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Buttercup vs. The Q-Tips


Today, I have 500 reasons for you why you shouldn't leave your Q-tips where your toddler can reach them.

(Don't tell SuperHubby, okay? Thanks!)

Have a great Tuesday, y'all!

In August, I’m giving one blog commenter their choice of one of my signed books! To enter, comment Read more >

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A Year of Happy Mondays – Ten Things My Children Taught Me This Weekend

Happy Monday, y'all!! We had a fun weekend… and also a learning weekend. As in, my children taught me several new things. So today, I thought I'd share them as my ten things to make you smile on a Monday morning.

Ten Things I Learned From My Children This Weekend.

10. Dishes are a contact sport.

9. Buttercup knowns where the baby wipes Read more >

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