My Top Ten Patriotic Goals - Jamie Farrell

My Top Ten Patriotic Goals

fireworks-display-series_17Since my family is moving to the Washington, D.C. metro area, I’m making a resolution to visit these awesome sites in and around my new hometown sometime before next July 4th. On my own, I know I could do all this in about a month. But with Squeaker and Buttercup (and Munchkin, when he’s not in school), I suspect it might take the whole year. I’m determined, though, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to expose my little ones to so much rich history!

10. Mt. Vernon, home of George Washington

9. The Jefferson, Lincoln, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorials

8. The National Postal Museum

7. The U.S. Bureau of Printing and Engraving

6. The Vietnam Veterans, World War II, and the Korean War Memorials

5. The US Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Army Memorials

4. The US Capitol Building

3. The Library of Congress

2. The White House

1. The Washington Monument

Some I’ve been to before, others will be new experiences, and I plan to visit a lot more than just what’s on this list, but in any case, I’m excited to learn more about the history of my country by living in its capitol. Happy Independence Day!

Do you ever play tourist in your hometown? What’s the coolest thing your home has to offer?

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