A Year of Happy Mondays – Squeaker’s Threenage Meltdown Edition

ThreenagerYou know what I love about three-year-olds? I love how the smallest things can cause them to have epic meltdowns. (Yes, that’s sarcasm.) But because I know so many of you will chuckle at this, and I like to spread the joy on Mondays, here are ten things Squeaker throws a fit about Every. Single. Day.

10. “But I didn’t want that spoon!! I have my own spoon!”

9. “No, I get to sit by Buttercup!”

8. “I want the PURPLE vitamin!”

7. “I don’t want go potty!!”

6. “Munchkin locked his door!” (Said, obviously, before we got on the road, but I expect it to start again as soon as we’re settled again.)

5. “But I want you come with me every time I go potty!”

4. “I can’t do it! I can’t put my sock on!” (Note: He can. He just doesn’t like it to be crooked. And by “crooked,” I mean with the gray part of the heel anything less than completely symmetrical around his ankle.)

3. “But I want you feed me in my mouth! I can’t! I can’t do my spoon!”

2. “That’s my blue blankie and monkey! Give it back!!” (Said after a conversation that goes something like this: “Squeaker, blue blankie and monkey are not weapons. Quit flinging them at your brother and sister.” “But, Mama, they are weapons.”)

1. And a bonus, one thing guaranteed to make Buttercup melt down: “Squeaker’s crying, so I must have to too!”

Parents of teenagers: I salute you. Parents of threenagers: wine-o’clock is at my place today. Stop by anytime.

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10 thoughts on “A Year of Happy Mondays – Squeaker’s Threenage Meltdown Edition”

  1. When my niece Jakilyn was that age we would call it a jack attack. You could seriously set your watch by her meltdowns. Although seeing her at 13 now, I miss the 3 year old her!

  2. As a very wise mother of children older than mine once told me, little kids, little problems. Big kids, big problems. And as the mother of a 17, a 20, and a 22 year old (who lived to tell the tale) I can tell you it is absolutely true. Wine o’clock is at my house every night!!!

  3. Fortunately for me my kids, at 41 & 35, are well out of the threenager years. Even my grandson, 7 years old, is out of the threenager years. I do remember them well, and do not envy you at all. I enjoy your posts! Happy moving.

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