Squeaker vs. The Silence

Road Trip Profile BannerWe’ve been spending a lot of time in the car recently. And while the kids are super travelers, they get bored sometimes too. Which leads to Squeaker being… well… Squeaker.

The other day, we were driving around DC, getting acquainted with the area and talking about things we wanted to see once we’re settled for good. Munchkin was way in the back, just watching. Buttercup had fallen asleep. And Squeaker was being remarkably quiet. Until all of a sudden, he shrieked, “Munchkin! Munchkin, answer me!”

Munchkin didn’t say anything.

“Munchkin!” Squeaker shrieked again. “Munchkin, you didn’t answer me!”

“Honey, what did you ask him?” I said.

“I ask to him answer me!” Squeaker said. “And he not answer me!”

SuperHubby and I shared a look. “Squeaker,” I said, “You have to actually ask Munchkin a question if you want him to answer you.”

“I did!” Squeaker insisted. “I ask him to answer me! Mommy, make him to answer me!”

We still have lots of car time left before we’re settled. I suspect this isn’t the last we’ll hear about Munchkin not answering Squeaker’s unanswerable questions.

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5 thoughts on “Squeaker vs. The Silence”

  1. We just drove to Florida from Texas at the beginning of June. My boys are 10, 12, and 14. Sadly, things haven’t changed much as they have gotten older. 😉

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