Squeaker vs. The Bubbles

1000-peopleI was making breakfast while the boys were drinking their orange juice, and suddenly I heard it.

The distinctive sounds of bubbles being blown in someone’s orange juice.

Munchkin had filled the cups, and so they were pretty full, and nothing ruins a morning like having to stop cooking to mop the entire breakfast room floor, so I dropped everything and spun around. “Who did that?” I said.

The boys looked at me.

Then at each other.

Then back at me.

Munchkin pointed a finger. “It was Squeaker. Squeaker did it.”

Squeaker giggled. “No!! No, it wasn’t me! I didn’t blow bubbles in my orange juice!”

Is it just me, or was that entirely too eloquent for a three-year-old who was claiming he didn’t do it, when “it” wasn’t even named? 🙂

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