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Jamie vs. the Root Beer

Green beer, root beer... it's all the same, right? :-)

Green beer, root beer… it’s all the same, right? 🙂

One of the hardships of moving is that we sometimes find things like root beers hidden in the back of SuperHubby’s beer fridge. Which means–darn it–last week, I had to drink a root beer.

(On a completely serious note, I love root beer. I may or may not have offered to trade a child for micro-brewed root beer once or twice. You can’t prove anything.)

But the unfortunate side effect of root beer is that it makes me burp.

So during our move, I discovered a root beer, and I sort of inhaled it. And then I may or may not have made the windows rattle. Which may or may not have made our boy children (and thus our girl child too) giggle hysterically, and possibly look at me with no small amount of new respect and admiration in their adoring glances. (Obviously, this isn’t normal behavior for me.)

SuperHubby just shook his head. “When they start burping contests, don’t blame me.”

“Oh, lighten up,” I told him. “It’s better than wrestling. Burping contests are hardly a contact sport.”

And then SuperHubby got the grin.

And the SuperHubby grin made me laugh, because it was obvious what he was thinking. Don’t ever underestimate boys when it comes to burping and contact sports.

“That’s going in your next book, isn’t it?” he said.

“Contact burping contests?” I said. “I guess you’ll have to wait and see.”

(Yeah… probably not. But I like to keep him on his toes.)

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Daniel Hamin says June 19, 2014

That’s a great idea! I would read a book having a contact burping league in it.

Jill says June 19, 2014

I was expecting another childhood recollection of the Alkaseltzer belch with the windows rattling.

Marcy X says June 19, 2014

my favorite line in Elf is after he does that really long belch he says Did you hear that? love it

    Jamie Farrell says June 21, 2014

    Heh. That’s a good one, Marcy! 🙂

Gretchen says June 20, 2014

oh too delghtful

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